National dress and 31 “prohibited themes” (no flaunting of wealth is prohibited)

Since June 22 there is a “social” code of conduct. Among the rules there are also arguments in line with the ideology of the party and 31 prohibited topics.

after creation dwinthe national version of TikTok, China has agreed to a behavioral rules Which all creatives have to adapt to. This is one effect censorship That pervades every aspect of reality, it does not matter whether it is pure online entertainment. The law was passed last year June 22 and adjusts The behavior that the Chinese government expects influencers to take. In addition, it provides a file List of 31 prohibited contentFrom violence to self-harm, to religious teachings and ostentatious wealth. Certainly it is The use of deep-fake technology to ridicule the Chinese leadership has also been banned.

The lawyer was one of the first victims of this policy Longfei That every day removes the legal doubts of his 9 million followers, especially on the topic of divorce. That’s why Longfei suffered a 15-day blackout of his profile. According to her fans, she may have been accused of “spreading negative energy,” a term China often uses at the expense of online content creators in order to censor their content. In this case, it was his own positions on marriage (and divorce) that did not convince the Chinese government. Zenga Chinese woman who preferred not to reveal her surname, expressed her opinion on the matter in the MIT Technology Review as a follower of attorney Longfei: “I don’t think she did anything immoral by today’s standards. On the contrary, I think he’s doing something that could Everyone helps.”

In China Live broadcast began to take root in 2016 Today, we can count on what comes after 365 million enthusiasts the year. The The best live broadcasting software It dominates in influencing consumption, especially music and video games. In fact, they are valid It can be compared to the famous people of the TV world Or cinema, which makes millions annually making online work their only job. Even before the Code of Conduct came into force Some of them have been fired for tax evasion or incitement to censorship of political events. But black and white restrictions have not been set before.

The other side that may seem silly to Westerners is A provision of the law providing for the dress code To keep for those who make videos online. Clothes must be Correspond to “aesthetic tastes and leisure habits”, reads the document. “Who knows what they are? How do I dress to please the public?» Nag complains when she talks to her MIT Technology Reviewa former streamer who wants to remain anonymous and has devoted himself to free English lessons, both individual and group, on Douyin.

Finally, there is talk of licenses which should be asked if some issues have been dealt with. Those working in the fields of medicine, law, finance and education must provide documents that prove their skills. The behavioral rules Then it requires local governments to control the video platforms. In the event of violations, the organization will also be held responsible for not acting by obfuscating the “criminal” channel. Once again, the Chinese Association of Dramatic Arts puts together a list every two years in which it indicates the names of creators who have “acted against the law or public morals”. The fate of these people? Completely disappear from the radar.

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