Netflix releases spatial audio for all developers by Sennheiser

After dedicating itself to “improving” video with Netflix Calibrated Mode, the streaming platform focuses on audio by offering New Spatial Audio that improves the audio experience from stereo listening. Developed by Sennheiser, by “spatial sound” we mean a surround effect.

This technology is called Ambeo 2-Channel Spatial Audio e Netflix is ​​your first streaming platform; Currently on select titles such as Stranger Things 4, The Adam Project, Red Notice, The Witcher, and the Resident Evil series as they arrive.

Spatial audio in Netflix on any stereo

Netflix and Sennheiser say it is You can listen to Ambeo 2-Channel Spatial Audio with any device set up for stereo listeningBe it TVs, stereo systems, headphones, tablets, smartphones or computers.

For an updated list of titles with Ambeo, Netflix and Sennheiser Suggest searching for the text “Spatial Audio” in the Netflix app. The problem is that many titles, including Stranger Things 4 and Red Notice, mention surround sound only Dolby Atmos on the poster, and users can get confused.

In this case, the “Atmos” sign does not appear because the content is being viewed from a laptop that does not support Dolby encoding.

If you see a “5.1” or “Dolby Atmos” sign on your device, the new spatial sound will not be heard.. It’s a possible and almost certain scenario for most Smart TVs. On TVs, Netlfix recommends disabling the default 5.1 audio output setting and changing it to “Stereo”. Of course, as long as your TV settings allow it.

Do I need to select a stereo stream from the Audio menu to hear Sennheiser’s Ambeo spatial sound? Most likely yes, and on devices that can’t play separate channel audio, it’s also the only option.

From a standard stereo mix (left) to the full AMBEO effect (right)

Sennheiser explains that “Netflix viewers using a stereo system (and thus also tablets and laptops, editor) will automatically have an enhanced and enhanced spatial experience, without the need for modifications by the user.” Therefore it seems impossible to avoid the effect of Ambeo, even if you do not want it or if it is not giving the desired effects on your system.

In any case, Ambeo will take care of immersive audio mixing in my two stereo channels, and Sennheiser says the show fits easily into standard encoding pipelines and gives content creators precise control over spatial distribution. For example, this is possible Don’t interfere with the sound of the dialogues and just amplify the sound and environmental effects.

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