Star Citizen is free for one week with the new Free Fly event –

Star Citizen Giving everyone a chance to play again Free through a new file Free Fly Eventwhich has now become a true tradition in this long period of game development by Cloud Imperium Games, for one week.

From 8 to 15 July 2022Therefore, anyone can participate in the game, download it, start playing it and try out the different parts that actually work, all for free, that is, for free, plus, of course, packages that can be purchased separately.

Star Citizen, image from the game

Basically, the starter package is provided for free to each player, and this is the basic package that allows at least to participate in the game world and try out the active systems.

It is also possible during the Free Fly test week Use a ship Free: Access to Cutlass, Avenger Titan, Dragonfly, Arrow or Mercury is free, so you can also freely choose one of these ships and try to drive it for a week at sea, although access is limited to one week, after which you need to buy it or return it.

Further facilitation is provided by Discounts After Free Flying Week: If the experience convinces you, you can purchase a discounted starter pack through special discounts to introduce new players to the Star Citizen simulation space.

To access the game for free, simply go to the official Star Citizen website, enter the promo code “GETINTOTHEVERSE” and download the game. For the rest, at the end of June, we saw the new video of alpha 3.17.2 in the FPS stages and Siege of Orison event, which shows the other progress the developers have made.

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