This guy walks 20,000 steps every day for a month. Here is what changed in his life

Craig Gaston had already tried his hand One month challengeslike giving up Caffeine, sugar and alcoholTo see what effect it had on his health. In a new video, he vows to get more physical activity every day: Specifically, a Walk 20,000 steps (more than 12 km). “I work at home, and I edit videos. If I don’t look for ways to be active, I become sedentary,” he explains.

The first thing I realize, two days after starting the challenge, is how long it takes to walk 20,000 steps. “Four hours of walking is going to cut your day a lot, right?” he says. “Morning is the best time, because it’s not too hot yet.”

At the beginning of the adventure, gasoline weighed 80 kilograms In the first few days, she lost a kilo of her weight, because her body was retaining water as it adapted to the new regime of physical activity. It wasn’t long before she started noticing some of the non-physical and mental benefits of her new habit.

“When your job includes things that are unclear or undefined, you have no choice but to do what you find most enjoyable,” he says. “It’s so interesting to do something that requires no thought.”

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