Alfa Romeo, a cult model that goes electric

Have you ever thought that we will also get it in an electric version or not? Given the discontinuation of conventional cars in 2035, this decision does not seem very risky, but let’s try to find out more about it.

Yes, the long-awaited electric version of the car is coming that has been around for years Represents in every sense of the word Alfa Romeo spearheaded not only the Italian market but also the foreign market. After the media issue unleashed by the – alleged – flaws of this car that has been defined as the worst sedan to have landed in America since 2000, the car is ready to change its appearance once again.

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We are of course talking aboutAlfa Romeo GiuliaThe three-volume sedan that Biscione has been trading since 2016 and that fans have long called for in a station wagon version, perhaps in the 156 Sportwagon, is a vehicle that has made a deep impression on fans of the Italian house. l ‘was or simply drove.

The first information about Julia’s green transformation has arrived during the show From the Alfa Romeo Tonale SUV but now, we have confirmation coming from one of the prominent figures in the Stellantis Group responsible for the statements that yes, in fact it gives us certainty of the arrival of this electric vehicle. But why are we looking forward to it?

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meeting with Learn Jean-Philippeno less than the recent appearance of the CEO of the Italian brand automatic expression And in the course of this conversation with reporters, Imparato was going to say yes, electric SUVs will be part of Alfa’s future but the brand has no intention of leaving the sedan segment.

Alfa Giulia Medium Stellants 09_07_2022 Quattromania
Giulia, soon available in an eco-friendly version (Media Stellantis)

Learned announces that: Julia’s future will be greenElectricity, of course. To make us believe that the project has already begun, some specifications that the first number of the brand gives with certainty such as the autonomy that should approach 800 km and the ultra-fast charging system that will be able to charge the battery in just twenty minutes are incredible numbers. But given that Stellantis is also experimenting with a system To charge cars on the go This thing does not surprise us.

As we know, electric motors have the great advantage of accelerating faster on average than combustion engines. For this reason, despite the fact that the car is inevitably destined to install a huge and very heavy battery if it wants to maintain its confidence in these stats, the brand assures that the car She will not lose her sportsmanship. Who knows at this moment somewhere in the Alfa factory, the tests on the prototype have not already begun!

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