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Arcadegeddon review, an interesting roguelike co-op shooter, recently landed on the base level of PlayStation Plus.

As services like Game Pass and PlayStation Plus have made their way through the living rooms and bedrooms of home console owners, a very wide range of independent experiences have had the opportunity to infiltrate subscribers’ digital library, freeing themselves almost free for the curiosity of those in whose hands the pad was in their hands. . Without an economic barrier to entry to limit its spread, games like Outer Wilds, Unpacking, Undertale, and What Remains of Edith Finch have been able to make those players who have never touched a standalone game in their lives fall in love, perhaps because of their video game habits so far. on the independent market.

In our view, this has often overturned the critic’s work and the purpose of his analysis, when at the center of it is a video game that hits a subscription service. The test focuses not only on purchase advice, but also on download tips, which can be suggested in unambiguous terms even when the product is a victim of some shortcoming.

Among the games PlayStation Plus In July, for example, to accompany Crash Bandicoot 4 and the more famous Man of Medan, we found Arcadegeddon, an interesting third-person co-op shooter with roguelike elements that you probably wouldn’t have had if you weren’t. It’s included in your subscription, which now has the power to transform the month of July with its extraordinary personality.

So here it is for us Arcadegeddon . Review Why you should definitely keep an eye on this standalone gem.

The ultimate arcade in the bitter world of cyberpunk

Geely, the owner of the gallery

Arcadegeddon is developed and self-published by Uncertain And as it often happens with other titles that can’t have a major publisher behind them to afford, even the US studio shooter has gone through early access before facing a real launch these days, beyond that on PS4 and PS5 at the base level of PS Plus , as well as on PC and Xbox family systems. The game was born out of a completely unoriginal plot concept, but revolves around a powerful and captivating gameplay formula that is undoubtedly the strength of the entire production.

Arcadedon actually tells about a miserable futureThey, like many others, were ruled with an iron fist by ruthless giants who over time incorporated all forms of independent entertainment to their will. Just games room From my generation, the uncle of the protagonist, by all means resists the threats of the Fun Fun Co. , a company that has every intention of suppressing the city’s last remaining arcades. Geely developed a game that could save his club, but the company infected him with a virus and we’d be the ones to have to enter the code to clean up the malware, while trying to surprise other arcade sponsors with the highest scores. of the selections.

From these narrative introductions one develops Third-person shooter, roguelike and cooperative, whose in-game attempts developed by Gilly will always be different from each other thanks to the actions of levels so dear to the reference genre. However, the narrative element here is a lot less complicated than in other roguelikes, and our only goal will be to complete the quests offered by the various factions of players in the arcade to earn their help, while trying to defeat all four. Bosses are currently included in the game. We weren’t crazy about the fact that the plot was cut to the bone (in fact it only develops in very short moments associated with simple on-screen dialogues), but after a few hours it was easy to understand why the developers picked it up: Arcadegeddon does its best when the bullets start to fly, And once you get a taste of the gunplay style, you won’t have much desire to get lost in some chatting either.

shooting bomb

Intense shooting of Arcadedon

Intense shooting of Arcadedon

dynamics Play Arcadegeddon is pretty basic and unfortunately it won’t make you scream a miracle when we tell you. Once in Gilly’s game, you only need to eliminate all the enemies in one area to move to the next area, or complete a series of objectives such as capturing or destroying some POIs to unlock the level exit. Each progression plays a counter that when completed gives access to one of the game’s four boss fights, all of which are very engaging even if they aren’t particularly inspiring.

It’s clear how the Illfonic title is all about its quality shooter unit, made really exciting by the huge variety of weapons available to the player. The first effect with Arcadegeddon is one of those lukewarm, almost lifeless weapons, but once you replace the boring starting gun with one of the 35 weapons included in the game, it’s easy to realize all of the project’s potential. Each of these are original and well-characterized, and while some resemble the originals like the attack, pump, and sniper rifles, others let the team unleash their creativity. From the Pixel Popper that loads enemies with data to make them engage in spectacular explosions, through the Slot 3 that shoots sharp, sharp discs capable of dismembering enemies, each weapon is different from the others and figuring out what best suits your style is one of the pleasures an Illfonic title offers.

The armsLike power-ups, they are only found during the game, as you unlock hidden chests full of loot that follow the same color theme as the most famous robber shooters in the arena. Only by accumulating the deadliest tools of death and equipping several passive buffs can you hope to reach the end of the game, which gets harder each time you pass a stage. To be sure, it can also be manually increased in the shops that appear from time to time after the level, in order to get more experience points and a much higher score.

Arcadedon preparation

Arcadedon preparation

You can tackle all of this on your own even offline, but as evidenced by a game session that saw us fight alongside Chuck Brøngardt, CEO of Illfonic, at Arcadegeddon a tight-knit team It is the real key to victory. After running, in fact, it is not possible to access improvements that significantly modify the chances of survival of our protagonist: he can spend points to unlock passive bonuses that are not critical and new types of unique skills that help in combat, as well as accumulate experience with each weapon for you to enter In the game Jelly from the beginning try. Except for these three elements, there are no dedicated systems to bring more and more performance, so it goes without saying that only experience – and teamwork – can lead you to the ultimate victory.

there Online Collaboration Four players is the focus of the developers’ vision, albeit with a special taste. Each participant is constantly fighting with others for the highest score, so much so that during the match, in the shops, it is possible to participate in quick PvP matches that reward the winner with additional prizes. A multiplayer PvP mode can also be achieved in the Game Center, naturally wanting to represent a new diversion to the most demanding sessions. The goal has been fully achieved, even if we don’t know how far society will be pushed away by this alternative mode.

Radio Jet Set meets Gorillaz

Arcadegeddon's cool design

Arcadegeddon’s cool design

A title focused on cooperation and interaction with other players that cannot fail to offer a large arsenal of Customizations that make your protagonist unique. Aesthetics are really a lot, unlocked by bringing home the secondary objectives of the factions, and allow you to decorate the character with a large number of accessories, even if after about ten hours of playing it is possible to already have most of the sets in the store. Illfonic is already working on new customizations, and the hope is that the team, after a somewhat repetitive endgame, will be effective in suggesting news to its audience of players soon.

In the words of the developers, the character design and art style chosen for Arcadegeddon generally refer to the Jet Set Radio style and Gorillaz punk effects, in a mix of colors and patterns that we found appropriate, even if not entirely innovative. It’s complicated to talk about Technical sector For a game that isn’t looking for any graphical resolution, however, it’s worth remembering that the title was the first to use AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution on PS5, the equivalent of NVIDIA’s DLSS that promises to significantly improve console performance. Support him. We never experienced any drop in performance during testing, and while we weren’t expecting anything less from a game that just came out of Early Access, bugs and glitches were also incredibly rare during Jelly’s arcade adventure. Last but not least, the reference to greatness Audio recording Written by Illfonic, full of dubsteps and electronic tracks that fit perfectly into the game’s setting.


Arcadegeddon is a Roguelike TPS backed up by slasher and intoxicating fireworks, but nonetheless forgets to deliver a name-worthy plot within the package, preferring to enslave most of the game mechanic for this obsessive quest for highscores that characterized the golden age of arcades. Some of the styling options are particularly apt and we’ve appreciated the levels actions that mitigate the typical iteration of roguelikes, but for those who don’t consider themselves arcade nostalgia, this might be a little too much really. The good news is that PlayStation Plus subscribers can give it a shot with the push of a button, which we can only heartily recommend.


  • Fun and powerful armed gameplay
  • Lots of weapons to indulge in
  • Good variety of levels and biomes


  • The plot was not received
  • Axle promotions disappointing
  • Quests completed, there’s nothing to continue playing

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