Astronomy Photographer of the Year with great photos for the competition

galaxiesAnd the blurry groupsAnd the constellations And the planets. And then: Sun Close-up and lights Milky Way Which is reflected on the highest road in the world, in Tibet.

There is also one of the more detailed buff maps for The Moon’s South Pole, created in the United States; apartial solar eclipse over Italy and Southern Fan GalaxyIt was captured in Australia exactly 270 years after its discovery.

it’s a Finalists for the 2022 edition ofAstronomy Photographer of the YearThe prestigious British Astronomy Photographic Contest organized by Royal Observatory Greenwich.

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The competition – now in its 14th edition – has gone even further 3000 widths from the photographers Hobby And the professionals from 67 countries.

Winners will be announced then September 15 The winning photos will be shown in The National Maritime Museum in London From 17 September.

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Pictured above, he called busy starFrom Sergio Diaz Ruizwe see the surface and coronal activity of the Sun resumed on February 15, 2022. In the upper left corner (in red) we see a strong coronal mass ejection (CME).

here in the gallery Some final shots ofAstronomy Photographer of the Year 2022.

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