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Tommaso Lorenzini

Work with the positive base Corona virus disease Before? No thank you. It is not a question of the dark, ideological or addictive attitudes of the “one-thought” that so terrify La Fax. In these parts, freedom is at home. It is rather a personal approach, an agreement with the fellow on duty, with the one who should share with you Hours of physical and social space. Because if it is true that every day we think about the danger of finding ourselves next to a symptom (we could be ourselves) and thus unaware of its condition, then it is unacceptable to do so with someone who instead knows and underestimates that they have Covid. don’t deny it, Stolen from seasonal flu.

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Experience teaches us that this is not the case, it asks us not to pretend, beyond the belittlement of the alternate expert who says not to worry because “Omicron is something else” (it doesn’t seem that from February 2020 they are all right, don’t you think?). call her Self preservation. The point is, the role of the malignant has flipped: from the person who “pretends” to have Covid in order not to work to the person who pretends not to have it so as not to miss anything.

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Here the trust relationship breaks down: How can we trust, even if it is for work reasons, in someone who intentionally cares about your health? What are his priorities in life? What reliability? The Italian has a very short memory and proves it once again. Have we forgotten that only a few months ago isolation and distance from each other were the greatest ally to defeat and spread the Corona virus? Do we want to do the opposite today? Sorry, but for a man reverse reality It’s hard to believe.

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