eFootball 2022 Mobile, review of the new version of Konami football

Somewhat late in comparison to other platforms, Konami’s football arrives on iOS and Android in its newest version: eFootball 2022 Mobile Review.

It’s been a long time since then Konami It has transformed the mobile version of its soccer game into a live service platform, updated every year without revolutionizing the platform that is now feeling the weight of time; Especially from a structure point of view, which is a somewhat limited interpretation of classic myPES.

However, with the rebranding shift, we imagined we’d also find substantial innovations on iOS (however, the Android version has already been available for several months), though we perceive it negatively on PC and consoles. Well, something has already changed but not for the better: we talk about it in eFootball 2022 Mobile Review.

Hulk: We are always there

eFootball 2022 Mobile, a messy business in the region

althoughuser interface eFootball 2022 Mobile has been greatly improved, although it still lacks the interactivity one would expect from such a product, in terms of content, very little has changed compared to the previous version. Therefore, there are quick games in online multiplayer, events and the eFootball tournament, which is again the fulcrum of the experience.

Once we choose a team and coach, our job will be to use the credits earned with each victory (or get them through the inevitable). microtransactions) in order to hire new talented players and strengthen the formation while we are playing games against other users, generally in asynchronous multiplayer, trying to climb the divisions and thus be able to compare ourselves to heavy opponents.

Compared to the past, we appreciate the novelty of the system that blends experience points with open objectives Also greatly accelerate progressin support of those who find it truly boring to try their hand from time to time with dozens of very trivial matches, ending with tennis results on schedule, before getting the minimum challenge.

However, the offer is still very limited and completely free of method Which over the years has made PES (pardon, eFootball) a reference point for passionate football players. We are, of course, talking about the Master League, but also about tournaments, cups and tournaments of various kinds, which in no case can special events replace.

How to play: Something has changed… for the worse

eFootball 2022 Mobile, free kick on the edge of the area

eFootball 2022 Mobile, free kick on the edge of the area

Unfortunately, contents are not the only problem with eFootball 2022 Mobile, especially since it is not the most serious problem at the moment. Resuming the game in hand, we actually had a distinct sense of a Play Worse, both with traditional touch controls and with gesture controls: slower, less interactive, and therefore slippery, imprecise, and often frustrating.

While such an approach might make sense on a console, making sure that a player does not immediately execute an entry only gives the impression that the command was not received. Compared to eFootball PES 2021 Mobile, everything seems to be fine slower and heaviernot as a deliberate choice but as a result of unresolved and inexplicable technical problems.

artistic perception

eFootball 2022, sequences from Ibtihaj

eFootball 2022, sequences from Ibtihaj

The positive note of the interface, which we mentioned earlier, is not supported by significant technical innovations. there Graphics In fact, eFootball 2022 Mobile always looks the same, the polygonal models for players have a very large angle in the zoom sequences and no obvious improvements are noticed on the animation interface.

A similar argument can be made in relation to the sector My voice, which on the one hand is characterized by a less exciting sound than usual, with tones that are often dull and not very attractive; On the other hand, it features the usual commentary in Italian (downloaded separately) made up of repetitive and often general notes.


tested version Iphone

digital delivery

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eFootball 2022 Mobile doesn’t bring with it the improvements we had hoped to see on iOS and Android, on the contrary, the PC and console versions remain consistent, which no one was excited about. However, in this case, there is some sloppiness: the platform is working fine and there are structural problems that Konami could have solved; Instead, the developers left it untouched and managed to ramp up the gameplay, pursuing simulation ambitions that only bring back on a touch device feeling slow, woody, and frustrating.


  • Well done online
  • The structure is still limited but sometimes more flexible
  • Graphically conservative, commentary in Italian


  • Slow, wooden, imprecise gameplay
  • Putting one weight on, boring
  • The soundtrack is duller than usual

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