How to clean the USB port if the phone is not charging

How many times have we tried Charge the phone batteryno avail? Those who are in the spirit of observation, will certainly note that such hunting occurs more often on old devices, that is, accumulated at least for two years of honorable service. In fact, there is exactly what does not work USB port Because it might be full of Dust and dirt.

The USB port has a very important function: it allows you to recharge the phone battery. But since it is a port and has to host the charger connector (the cable inside the plug), it also lends itself to being the preferred place for soil Finds enough space for Settlement. However, forming a real plug prevents the pin out from installing on the door sensors e Create link Essential for recharging the battery of your smartphone, tablet or any electronic device with a USB port. So much so that, often, calling and recharging”sway: Just touch the cable a little bit for It cuts off the electricity This is precisely due to dirt. But we can easily solve this problem by following carefully cleaning From the USB port and connector.

How to clean the USB port

The first elements of to avoid When cleaning electronic equipment: water, detergent, and sharp objects.

A great way to clean the delicate crevices of any electronic device, including the USB port, is to blow compressed air Perhaps from the can. The air pressure will not damage the USB port but it will remove dust and dirt. On Amazon there are many of these cans and they cost very little.

compressed air spray can

compressed air spray can

The procedure is simple: place the canister nozzle in front of the USB port and spray the compressed air several times. Avoid blowing In the USB port because in addition to air we can also enter very small particles of saliva.

How to remove stubborn dirt from a USB port

If the USB port is blocked by a file dirt cover We can not remove them, it is better to ask for help from a Professionals Because any tool can damage the internal conductors by bending them.

Who has the very steady hand We recommend using one wooden stick Or buy USB port cleaning tools. In any case Never use metal objects Pointy, like pins, needles, or small screwdrivers: closed circuit Always around the corner.

How to prevent dirt from entering the USB port

there USB port It should be protected with lids that can be closed if necessary. We remind you that many models of covers are equipped with them, so the advice is to choose covers to be applied manually or buy a good cover that protects the USB port.

Dust Covers - USB-C

Dust Covers – USB-C

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