How to Increase DualSense Battery Life

Unless you decide to connect a file DualSense to me PS5 To avoid worrying about the battery, you will often find yourself having to recharge the console before a gaming session. However, there are some tricks that allow you to make the device last longer and extend the battery life.

Keep the console up to date

Although there is not the same frequency of system updates, the PlayStation 5 console is regularly supported by Sony to improve stability (including battery stability), add new functions and more. must a new updateYou don’t need to download it manually: just connect the console to the Internet to bring up a window on the screen asking you to install the latest DualSense firmware. To complete the operation correctly, you must connect the device to the console with an accessory USB Type C cable Make sure that there are no interruptions in the connection during the update phase.

Do not abuse the refill

One step to avoid in order not to negatively affect the longevity of the PlayStation 5’s DualSense battery is to keep it constantly charged outside of gaming sessions. Like most devices, continuous charging can damage the battery and drastically reduce its life over time. The safest way to make your console last longer over the years is to only charge it when the battery level is low. less than 25%, that’s when the icon corresponding to the console in the PlayStation 5 menus actually shows a score of only one out of three for some time. To make it easier to recharge the device, you can turn on the power of the PS5’s USB-C port while it is on sleep mode Attach the pad during this step.

Adjust brightness

One factor that affects the PlayStation 5’s DualSense battery life is light bar that circles almost the entire circumference of the touchpad. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to completely disable the LED, but going through the system settings of the Sony console has an option with which to dim its brightness and turn it on for longer before having to recharge. To do this, go to the menu SettingsDetermine complements and then observerFrom here, click on the item Controller lights brightness And set it to Dim , which is the lowest brightness level available.

Disable additional features

While the effect of the DualSense indicator light for PlayStation 5 is only marginal, additional controller features such as haptic feedback Which adaptive stimuli. Suffice it to say that the pad runs out faster when playing titles that you use more widely than those you don’t use at all. If you are not particularly interested in these functions, you can always disable them from the system menus. By visiting Settings -> Accessories -> Console, you can find the following items: Vibration intensity And the Trigger Impact Density. Both default to “strong (standard)”but you can disable it completely by selecting “helpless”. Should you change your mind, simply go back to the menu and re-enable both haptic feedback and mechanical stimuli.

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