Moscati, Saint 118

San Giuseppe Moscati – Wikicommons

Popular piety solves the “problem” in simple terms: having a saint who can be relied upon. It’s all about finding the right person. Because the difference is important and how. One or the other does not do the same thing. A bit like with family or friends. There are people with whom it is easy to open up, because they have had problems similar to yours or have faced in their lives similar situations to those that you will have to face. Given the proper proportions, when looking up at the sky, the same principle applies to saints. They all lead to God, it is their primary mission, but through very different paths, situations, and problems.

Old and new beneficiaries

Saint Omobono is the patron saint of tailors

Saint Omobono is the patron saint of tailors – archive photo

A diverse group that explains the mission of the beneficiaries whose protection depends on the most diverse occupational groups. and humans. For example, Saint Philip Neri prayed for the teachers, Camilo de Lellis for the dying, Giuseppe da Cupertino for the nominees while Saint John Leonardi is the patron saint of pharmacists, Omobono for the tailors and the 6th century bishop Saint Honoré (Saint Honoré) of the pastry chefs.

However, the dedication and commissioning calendar is not static. To document it, simply scroll through the list of the most recent saints and blessed and, in parallel, think about the implications, also for faith, associated with the professions born with the information revolution and the emergence of the most innovative technologies, from the Internet to telemedicine. In the background, the green light given by the General Assembly of the CEI in 2021 to the “constitution of some patron saints: Saint Martin of Tours, patron saint of volunteering in Italy; Saint John Bosco Patron of Labor Inspectors; Beata Vergine delle Grazie from the patron saint of basketball, Ponte di Porretta Terme.

patient love model

The operators were called by 118

Customer called by 118 – ANSA

The process of identifying a witness of faith to whom a place or category is dedicated is actually quite complex. Organized in a very explicit manner by Urban VIII in 1630 and then toned down somewhat by the “Normae de Patronis Constuendis” issued in 1973 by Paul VI, the last step includes the confirmation of the Vatican, for the accuracy of the Convent of Divine Worship and the discipline of the Church. secrets. The final approval reached Saint Giuseppe Moscati (1880-1927) recognized for it as “the patron saint of doctors, nurses and rescuers for the Italian 118 regional emergency system, emergency medicine and national surgery”. It goes without saying that this is the Campanian white-coat, of exceptional skill and efficiency to which we owe the symbolic phrase, so to speak, of the faithful approach to the treatment of suffering: “Pain must be treated not as a muscle contraction, but as a cry of the soul to which another brother the physician rushes enthusiastically. Love and friendship.”
In a healthy state “sometimes dehumanized by the resolve of economic logic – commented with the approval of the Holy See, Mario Balzanelli, President of the Italian Community System 118 (Sis118) – we wanted to suggest a spiritual and professional reference point for the work we all do in Days Always Ahead » There could be no better choice if it was true that on April 12, 1927, when he died in Naples of a heart attack at the age of 46, Moscati was already the “holy doctor” of the people. Now the new “address”, which has collected more than 5 thousand signatures of him during the closure, which later became 7 thousand. “He was a health worker, a doctor, a researcher, a university professor, a regular person, one of us,” Balzanelli adds, stressing how global crises from Covid to war put priority The absolute and indispensable to act at the center. of our thinking., united, as a human community, to the protection of life.” and 118, the Emergency Health Service is called upon to do exactly this: take care, without delay, immediately, of the sick. Its salvation often depends on the speed of a competent intervention. As Moscati was able to guarantee, today the patron saint of the category but first and foremost a demanding professional reference. and humans. An example of a person who always put the Christian method before assuming the role, to consider the patient, even before the patient, the brother. “Not a science,” Moscati explained, “but charity has changed the world at some point; And only very few men have entered history for the sake of science; But all will be able to remain incorruptible, a symbol of the immortality of life, where death is only a stage, and a transformation to a higher ascent, if they devote themselves to good ».

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