Pleated curtains: the most beautiful models and patterns

To cover windows or French windows of balconies and terraces you can use pleated curtains. It is a convenient and widely used solution especially for some environments such as kitchen, living room or bathroom. Let’s see the available models and the most beautiful styles.

Pleated blinds models

orange pleated curtain
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Among the many Types of modern curtains There is also folded. Pleated blinds can be of many models. To simplify, let’s say you can choose from those who have manual controlto me series o Rope and with drive drive. It can be placed inside the window or on the frame directly on the glass or in the front.

    Window with pleated curtain with blue floral motifs
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There are many types of . in the market Plain or patterned pleated curtain Suitable to complement the furnishing of any environment, regardless of style. An example is the “Foliage” model sold by Bon Prix with a green/blue eucalyptus print on a white background. It has the peculiarity of being adjustable from top to bottom.

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Window with folded shade curtain
Photo Award Bon Prix

Another model, also on sale at Bon Prix, is the Pleated Canopy, available in many Fashionable colors. Useful for window decoration in a modern way, it protects from light and prying eyes. It can be easily applied directly above and below the window frames with the appropriate supports, without having to resort to drilling and screws and adjusting to the desired height.

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