The real ‘supercar’ comes back to life after nearly 30 years of ‘dust’ | Amazing “Laundry” video

The American brand has always had a workforce it couldn’t do without: Trans Am. Today, we see it fixed.

We are talking about a slogan that made the history of the sector and it has fans in all regions of the world. Plus, the original model that made it fly around town can still be seen, with nothing to envy about newer car models. Those who own it can only be proud of it, especially every time they renovate it. It’s a version of the ’80s, even if it seems to have a foot in the future, thanks to its charm and performance.

Pontiac Trans Am (ammunition)

We are talking about an American automaker born in the General Motors group in 1926. A century of great victories and successes, which ended in 2010, due to the closure of the company. The name derives from an Indian chief from 1763, famous for destroying Detroit in its origins. The initial headquarters was in Michigan, where it was established. Basically, the main market extended to the United States, Mexico and Canada, but now models can be found everywhere.

It should be noted some of the names of this highly respected car manufacturer, such as the GTO, which was produced in the years between 1964 and 1974; Astre, 1971 to 1977 and competing Volkswagen Beetle; Firebird, from 1969 to 2002, divided into 4 generations; Finally, the solstice, which has been in production since 2005 and is heir to the last one described.

3rd Generation Pontiac Trans Am

Many talk about an unprecedented improvement in style and performance at once Firebird builders decided to create the third generation. Many fans who always loved him, along with the second generation, wanted to bring him and watch him, more often, in popular TV shows and films. Among the most famous there is to be remembered Smokey and bandits And the Riding knight.

Recently, a completely dirty black Trans Am was shown and refurbished after proper washing. This was a company car and the owner’s communication with the famous Larry Kosella to run AMMO NYC.

The owner was the only one who drove it and also had the original sales invoice. It’s an original 1982 model, with manual transmission, and it costs 26 thousand euros. It can be found on, a site where you can see when it renews.

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