The video compares the current version to the disastrous version of launch –

ElAnalistaDeBits released a new one video Who compares the current version of eFootball 2022 With the launch that took place at the end of last September, highlighting the changes Konami made in the past year.

At the launch event, eFootball 2022 was heavily criticized due to problems with scenes, players’ faces, facial expressions, animations and ball physics and many other flaws of an artistic nature or subdued elements.

As we can see in the video comparison made by ElAnalistaDeBits, thanks to the updates released in the months, eFootball 2022 from a technical point of view has received substantial improvements in many ways, as also confirmed in our review of version 1.00 released in April.

For example, I polygonal models The facial expressions of famous footballers, such as Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo (who went viral on Twitter at launch), have been reworked and are now more believable and true to their real counterparts. We also see improvements to ball and tackle physics, player animations, as well as substantial changes for the crowd to the stands and stadium equipment.

Last month, eFootball 2022 kicked off its second season, accompanied by a substantial update. Yesterday we also published our review of eFootball 2022 Mobile and the iOS and Android version of Konami’s soccer title.

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