CASTELNUOVO The doctor replaces the attending physician

CASTELNUOVO The doctor replaces the attending physician

Benedetta Viani

27-year-old Benedetta Viani will replace Antonio Chiavi, who has retired from next July 13.

She was one of his patients, and now she will take her place: Benedetta Viani, 27, of Castelnuovo Boca Dada, will replace historic physician Antonio Chiavi, family physician, who will retire on July 13.

The young woman, who is a general practitioner, chose to serve in the same country where she was born and raised. “I understood that I like contact with the patient and that I like to take him fully – says Benedetta Viani – and therefore, since there is potential in the field of Ats, I chose to enter the service at Castelnuovo because I love my land, I am affectionate: like me in recent years, other young people have spent in ways Different for the country and I too want to do my part.” As for Dr. Chiavi, also from Castelnuovo, Viani notes: “He was my doctor, so I’m honored to replace him and his support will be essential again in the handover.”

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