Echo Show 5 and Ring Video Doorbell Collected at Amazon: Best Offer

The number of people installing smart devices in their homes has grown exponentially in recent years. However, getting started is never easy: choosing what will be the “foundation” on which the entire structure rests can be complicated.

The second-generation Echo Show 5 and Ring Video Doorbell Wired bundle are among the best Amazon offerings these days awaiting Prime Day 2022. The two products are the perfect starting point for turning your home into a smart home, and in addition to making some everyday actions incredibly easier and faster, they are It also helps improve “home” security.

Echo Show 5 second generation: Technical data sheet and features

The smallest smart speaker with a screen from the e-commerce giantEcho Show 5 It combines all Alexa (artificial intelligence) features with a 5-inch touch screen. An indispensable device for all those who want to turn their home into a home robotic home. The Echo Show 5 can in fact be used as a smart home hub, allowing you to control other smart devices (such as thermostats, cameras, light bulbs, and, in fact, doorbells) with simple voice commands.

It will be possible to control all its functions from the touch screen, which will facilitate synchronization with other devices. Once connected to video sources – such as IP cameras and smart doorbells, clearly compatible with Alexa – it will be possible Access Photo Stream directly from the screen. Using the Echo Show 5, for example, it will be possible to control what our children do in the room or pets in the garden. Or, again, look who rings the bell and answer without having to open the door directly.

Moreover, thanks to the front camera, it will be possible Use the Echo Show 5 to make video callsHigh quality audio and video. In short, a very versatile device thanks to which you can easily control all the smart devices in your home.

Ring Video Doorbell Wired Data Sheet: Features and Functions

In the range of smart doorbells from Amazon, the Wired Video Doorbell is the cheapest, but this should not be despised. On the contrary: Ring’s smart doorbell ensures that Excellent value for moneyPowered by a FullHD sensor with night vision that lets you see who’s ringing at the door even if it’s dark outside.

The doorbell features Stylish and linear design, which can be easily installed in place of the existing one. Simply plug it into your existing doorbell’s power line and sync it to your home Wi-Fi network (2.4GHz) and you’re done. At this point, simply sync it with your Echo Show 5 to access the video stream whenever you want.

Alternatively, it can also be added to a file List of Alexa Controlled Devices Smartphone, and check who’s ringing the doorbell even if we’re not at home. The two-way automatic system lets you interact with whoever rings the bell, no matter where you are.

Echo Show 5 and Ring Video Doorbell on Amazon: Discount and bundle price

Among the best offers you can expect Amazon Prime Day 2022The package consisting of the second generation Echo Show 5 of the Ring Video Doorbell Wired allows you to save several tens of euros compared to buying the two “split” devices. Thanks to the promotion of the e-commerce giant, the Echo Show 5 and the Ring Video Doorbell It cost 39.99 euros For 144.98 euros of the total cost of the two. Savings 105 euros, one Total discount 72% on list price.

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