Insects in the garden: how important are they?

Insects are very important to the ecosystem and our very existence. There are different types of insects and each plays a different and important role. Let’s find out why they are important to nature and our crops.

exist Many types of insects which has Various functions of nature.

Insects in the garden: what are their types?

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there Many types of insects perform different functions according to their characteristicsfor example there I Reproduction, valuable because without it, the pastures are covered with dung, which leads to the death of the plants and the flocks that feed on them (in fact, these insects are interested in eating the droppings). until the bees I Important to the ecosystem as they allow vaccination And not only.

There are others insects who – which It feeds on plant debris or dead woodthe so-called Xylophages. those Zabbaleen that by saying Analyzers and predators. The dried that feed on corpses, and finally me Predators that feed on other insects and more. Again, mosquitoes, flies and ticks, that’s it Essential for maintaining natural balances.

not the least ants It is among the most living creatures Important subordinate our planet; improve soil quality and interfere in Recycling of organic compounds. Finally, the Insect pollination How Bee Which as the main task holds Pollen from flower to flowerContributing to the diversity of plants.

Insects in the garden: importance for the environment


So their role is exactly a role Preserving biodiversity Thus, thanks to this, it is possible to eat many types of fruits and vegetables.

The bees but me Danger of extinction both because of Climate change but also for human labor and use Insecticides In agriculture, so we should be more attentive to all of this.

even in gardenThe Insects are indispensable Not only for pollination but also because these places (as well as vegetable gardens) are the places that suffer the most from human action that can alter their balance even in an important way.

So insects only for restore balance from U.S environmental system And make sure they work properly, they all work in synergy with each other, and each has its own mission.

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