Reveal the huge revenue generated so far on OnlyFans –

Twitch star Kaitlyn Amouranth Siragosa, famous for being the most watched in the world, has unveiled Huge returns who did so far Only the fans: $337,60272.48. After tax, his total earnings were $27,006,617.98.

there Table The post in the tweet with the announcement shows that our earnings have been around $1.5 million per month in the past five months (the figure for July 2022 is obviously tentative, since the month isn’t over yet).

So Amouranth wanted to thank his team To help it achieve such a result, which shows in a plastic way how much demand for certain contents. After all, wherever there is demand, there will naturally also be supply.

One often criticizes hypocrisy against those who display, because they are more prominent, and to do so does not lead to great problems with self-analysis, instead of noticing that everything arises above all from those who ask, because of course it ends up generating. Market.

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