Set of 2 Smart RGB Lighting Strips with Bluetooth at Strong Discount –

The Amazon Offers Today leads us to discover a Set of 2 Smart RGB Lighting Strips with Bluetooth, which with the coupon further decreases in price. In fact, if the product already has a 23% discount, the coupon allows you to get an additional 25% discount.

this is Set of 2 RGB Lighting Stripsable to connect to your smartphone thanks to bluetooth, and comes with a discount and voucher of € 29.98, Almost half the price. If the basic 23% discount is already applied, to receive the additional 25% discount, you will need to enter cipher “BASZDUPS” before buying.

This set of 2 RGB lighting strips has at its disposal many scenes that you can set, they can be synchronized with music And thanks to the intelligent control via the mobile device, it is customizable at any time. Moreover, two light strips can be placed behind the TV or PC thanks to a stickyin order to have a practical and fast installation.

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Set 2 smart RGB light strip

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