Some Doctors Prescribe Video Games for ADHD –

Some doctors in the United States have begun to prescribe i Video games How treatment or treatment toADHD (ADHD), conflicts with theories that video games are one of the causes of the problem among younger people.

Of course, not all video games are fit for purpose. So don’t think you can cure someone by making them play Elden Ring. We’re talking about tailored titles, like Akili Interactive Labs’ EndeavorRx, the first game approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in ADHD, and which can only be downloaded with a prescription.

It seems to be a game like many others, in which you lead a small alien running on a spaceship in search of things, scattered across different worlds, but it’s actually much more than that. Developed in collaboration with neuroscientists, EndeavorRx is designed to stimulate and improve areas of the brain dedicated to attention. The idea is to train a child with ADHD to do more tasks and ignore distractions.

The game monitors the user’s performance via an algorithm to adapt the level of difficulty. When prescribing a doctor, parents receive a link required for activation.

Whatever the case, the use of video games to treat ADHD and other mental illnesses is currently still in the preliminary stage. According to English psychologist Lee Chambers, who is studying its use with another specially designed app, called Thymia, compared to traditional methods they have the advantage of not making people feel like guinea pigs, that is, they are tested and measured in their behavior. This way they can provide raw indicators and show patterns where the systems already running can’t access them.

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