Star Ocean: The Divine Force, let’s discover the new JRPG sci-fi game from Square Enix

Square Enix has announced the release date for Star Ocean: The Divine Force, as well as new details about the JRPG due out in October.

Well, after watching the latest installment of Star Ocean: The Divine Force, and learning more about the combat system and characters, we’re more and more optimistic about the new iteration of a series that began in ’94. On SNES and through UPS and landings, it’s been with us for over twenty years. The latest title, Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlesness, appears to have marked the end of the franchise, but Square Enix He’s been searching for it quite a bit, having made a microscopic budget which has resulted in below average quality.

Now the Japanese publisher is trying again with renewed confidence: the game will be released in October 27 For PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and with the new promo we’ve discovered some interesting information about the characters and the combat system. Let’s see them together in a new preview of Ocean Star: Divine Power.

History and characters

Star Ocean: Divine Power, choosing a hero will change the story

One of the most exciting features of Star Ocean: The Divine Force is directly inspired by the second title in the series, Star Ocean: The Second Story, and allows you, at the beginning of the adventure, to choose the role of the hero between Raymond Lawrence and Leticia Osiris. The consequences are very simple: we will follow the story from its point of view, and therefore we will only see the scenes in which it is located, not to mention that the choice will affect not only the cinema and dialogues, but also the manner and timing in which the other characters will join the team.

This feature improves re From the title, encouraging at least a second time, but it’s not clear how much it deviates from the dynamics of Star Ocean 2: In that episode, the choice of Claude or Luna as the hero, party members and some subplots changed dramatically, while Square Enix appears to have already announced a cast Full representation of divine power.

We already knew Raymond. The story only begins when the young man crashes on Aster IV with his first officer, Elena, after his merchant ship is attacked by Bengali Federation. Now, if you have a bit of a Star Ocean, you should know that the titles in the series, while standalone, are nonetheless tied to the same core mythology, and Divine Power is penultimate in chronological order, followed only by Star Ocean. : Until the end of time. That was why the Federation, which even the previous title had been a force for good, now turned to ruthlessly colonizing the galaxy.

According to lore, Star Ocean is a title that mixes fantasy and science fiction and takes place for most of its duration on an undiscovered planet with space travel, Aster IV. There he will meet Raymond Letizia, princess of Osirius at war with a neighboring kingdom. The two will decide to join forces against the usual threat on an intergalactic scale.

Ocean Star: Divine Power, Midas is an extremely powerful quasi-crayfish

Ocean Star: Divine Power, Midas is an extremely powerful quasi-crayfish

Star Ocean Staff: Divine Power seems to be more diverse than it appears. The characters also feature the weapons they use: Raymond, for example, wields a broad sword that makes him slow but unrelenting, while Leticia can rely on her double acrobatic blades. The new characters offered seem to feature equally well. Elena He does not use a specific weapon, he can embodied a different weapon depending on the skills he uses in combat, moving from sickles to whips or throwing daggers in the blink of an eye. The other three revealed characters are, instead, crabs: practically witches in the Star Ocean universe.

Albird Bergolm He’s Laeticia’s bodyguard and doesn’t take Raymond kindly, so he seems to be the annoying member of the group, but he’s also one of the most versatile as he fights mid-range using chakras and spells. Midas FilgridInstead, he’s a famous engineer from Aucerius who was banished after a scandal: he’s huge and extremely slow, but he can cast spells of unprecedented power. Nina DevorgesFinally, she is a semi-cancer who specializes in healing magic called iatrimancy: using her bell she can heal team members and enhance their attack and defense abilities.

combat system

Ocean Star: Divine Power, Nina is the healer in the group

Ocean Star: Divine Power, Nina is the healer in the group

If the character design of these characters reminds you of anything, it’s totally normal: Edited by Akira “Akiman” Yasudanow a freelance designer who worked at Capcom between 1989 and 2004, creating illustrations for the likes of Street Fighter Alpha, Darkstalkers, and Power Stone.

The new trailer shows more interest in turning its soft features into 3D models: we’ve noticed that the faces have improved significantly compared to the previously released images, although they are still quiet… through nature from the game. However, the tech sector has been voted to maintain a stable and stable fluidity at least on new generation platforms, in the face of a world that can be explored in three dimensions that appears to be giving up on uploads: if it were a true “open world” there is nothing to know, but the regions would be Certainly vast.

Ocean Star: Divine Power, Bird Fights Chakram and Magic

Ocean Star: Divine Power, Bird Fights Chakram and Magic

The fight will happen in real time In the explorable world, without loading a separate battlefield, it will be full-fledged events as in almost every other episode of the series, which, not surprisingly, shares its ancient roots with the tales of Bandai Namco. Compared to Integrity and Faith, tri-ACE took a step back, allowing us to present only four characters at the same time. However, we will control only one, entrusting the AI ​​with the task of moving the others, but we will be able to change characters at any time to connect special combos and technologies. The combat systemIn fact, it is based on loading and consuming a resource called AP, which recharges over time or manually and allows you to use special attacks and chain spells. So it will be necessary to learn how to create an access point by switching the attacks that charge them and those you launch to puzzle enemies with shots.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force, the battles take place in real time in the game world

Star Ocean: The Divine Force, the battles take place in real time in the game world

Anyone who’s played at least one Star Ocean game, especially the excellent Star Ocean: The Last Hope, should know that the combat system, no matter how infected, is often the strong point of these RPGs, and although tri-ACE has He simplified it. Making the scene more readable, we have already highlighted the words as in the trailers blind side and Stun Lock that makes us think of more complex dynamics that must be mastered in order to defeat the most powerful enemies, among them giant bosses. The player can then associate the techniques he prefers with the buttons on the console, but not only: by pressing a button, stop modewhich is somewhat reminiscent of Final Fantasy VII Remake and allows you to freeze the battle to assign one or more general commands to individual characters.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force, menu screen

Star Ocean: The Divine Force, menu screen

From what we’ve been able to see, the combat system promises to be fun and layered, but Star Ocean: The Divine Force is expected to have more shares to its arc that Square Enix will reveal in the coming weeks. For example, we are curious to understand how a file worksexploration in three dimensions, which seemed completely free but according to the trailer could be limited to temporary payment of the device called Always Shel. These types of jetpack should have other functions as well, because a short scene from the trailer reveals minimal customization with plenty of skill to tune in. Whether tri-ACE has backed away from its initial claims, or it is simply possible to upgrade the jet propulsion to stay in the air longer than can be seen in the trailer. And we’ll be in the front line when it’s time to tell you all there is to know.

After watching the new trailer, we are more optimistic about the new Star Ocean, which seems to have been paid much attention in all respects and can be a very pleasant surprise for RPG fans who are not familiar with this saga of ups and downs. , but definitely worth trying for its special environments and combat system all in real time action.

The region

  • A mixture of fantasy and science fiction somewhat reminiscent of Star Trek
  • Promising combat system


  • Many aspects of this game have yet to be verified
  • The tech sector can betray its cross-cutting nature

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