What did the James Webb Space Telescope see? It will be revealed by Joe Biden tonight live from the White House

In a last-minute announcement, NASA announced that United States President Joseph R. Biden will unveil the first color image produced by the James Webb Space Telescope ahead of the official event on July 12. The broadcast will be announced live on ESA and NASA TVs starting at 11 p.m. on July 11, Italian time.

Here are the first targets of the James Webb Space Telescope. How to see the first pictures live on July 12

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Biden will be joined by NASA Administrator Bill Nelson during the announcement, but despite the scientific world’s justified high expectations for the start-up and potential of the James Webb Space Telescope, the fact that a conference was organized in a special print by White House is somewhat unusual. This only raises expectations for the first images, and suggests that some of them may contain very important scientific findings.

The James Webb Space Telescope is fully aligned. Exceeding the best performance expectations

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The preview from the White House will be a prelude to a long afternoon of announcements on July 12, in which the first images taken from the observation of five celestial bodies will be shown. Of these, two may have caught the US administration’s attention: the first direct observation of an exoplanet – however, not an image of it is expected but emitted spectrograph data – and an image of a cluster of galaxies acting as a gravitational lens to make galaxies very far away in space and time. remember it The James Webb Telescope observes the universe in infrared lighta property that allows, due to the shift towards the lower frequencies of light due to the distance and expansion of the universe, A look at the universe because it was just over 100 million years after the Big Bang.

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