Volkswagen Amarok: back in style

He has an American brother At the end of 2020, Volkswagen announced the discontinuation of European production of its pickup truck (over here first contact). Two years after this announcement, the German company presents the second generation of Volkswagen Amarok, which will be available in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and the Middle East. A … Read more

“By 2024, 5-6 thousand are expected to exit (with high blood pressure)” –

A workforce cut is inevitable, yes, but it’s more contained compared to union concerns. Tim’s split in two, with a network company and another service company, leads to the necessary restructuring of the group’s size. During the press conference on the plan, TIM CEO Pietro Labriola said that “about 5,000-6,000 people” are expected to leave … Read more

BYD, it’s all about the Chinese giant that makes Tesla shiver. This produces only one model of auto-

With 641,000 cars in the first six months, the news was re-launched by financial timesChina’s BYD had overtaken Tesla, to become the world’s largest electric car maker (a figure disputed by Forbes Accordingly, BYD will also count plug-in hybrids, while Tesla sells exclusively electric models). BYD, what it is and what it does Unknown to … Read more

How do new self-rotating wind turbines work?

The Tuscan designer’s idea could solve one of the major limitations of wind turbines. Airon, in fact, is a self-rotating wind turbine that can represent an excellent solution for the one-way movement of propellers. Among the file types energies renewableDefinitely a major role to playWind Energy, which are exploited by wind turbines. The latter can … Read more

Electric cars, giant Volkswagen factory was born in Salzgitter. Investments of 20 billion and 20 thousand seats

The birth of PowerCo With PowerCo, Germany and the auto industry are relaunching the technological and employment challenge with investments of more than 20 billion euros by 2030, an estimated turnover of 20 billion euros annually and creating 20,000 jobs in the work planned in Europe under the plan to build six giga plants over … Read more

Single application and double payment

Additional non-reimbursable contributions to restaurants, restaurants and bars on the way: Payment will be made automatically, without applying to all companies that have already requested assistance by the last June 23 deadline. This procedure is stipulated in Legislative Decree No. 152 for 2021 and the operational details were determined by the MISE decree published in … Read more

Drax operates on the stock exchange, and London requires that coal-fired power plants continue to operate

(Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor) Drax won the support of investors on the London Stock Exchange, after it announced that it would extend the activity of two coal-fired plants at the request of the British government and thus raised the targets. Drax said that “in response to the increasing pressure on European gas markets and … Read more