With a dance, Vito Coppola leaves the Mille Carlucci program for a new adventure: that’s it

Absence Important for Dancing with the Stars. Vito Cobola, who won with Arisa in the last version will not be the champion of the next season of the program. From the rumors reported by Bubinoblog, in fact, it seems that the dancer decided to leave Milly Carlucci’s team of professionals. But one of the reasons … Read more

Big Brother Phoebe, Alex Bailey Thunders at Sulley Sorge Party: ‘No Invitation In Return We Met The Friend’

Among the previous protagonists in the sixth edition of the Big Brother Vip is omari gelo: Alex Belli’s words about his ex-art friend. Soleil riseThe beautiful Italian-American influencer is among the heroes of the sixth edition of Big Brother VIPa few days ago he celebrated his 28th birthday with a lavish party in Porto Cesario … Read more

“They are afraid of losing their jobs. For the sake of power…” – Libero Quotidiano

As is well known, we have also given you an account for it freeAnd the Rita Dalla Chiesa He ended up in the eyes of the usual fools. Insults, threats and defensive scars Georgia Meloni. A story that the presenter talked about in an interview with the weekly newspaper newan interview in which he also … Read more

Bob Dylan, record auction for the first recording of "Reeling by air" 1962 | Over $1,700,000 – TGCOM

Bob Dylan, Record Auction of 1962’s First Record of “Blowin’ in the Wind” | Over $1,700,000 in billsTGCOM Record auction of a new recording of Blowin’ In The Wind, Dylan’s masterpiece sold for 1,769,500 dolls…printing Bob Dylan, “Blowin’ in the Wind” Is 60 Years Old And Still Amazes (and Collects)Republic Bob Dylan scores the first … Read more