Blanco enchants St. Peter’s Square with his performance of ‘Blue Celeste’, a performance on Easter Monday in front of the Pope and 80,000 young people – VIDEO

After landing on stage during a concert, today Blanco gave a performance in the Vatican, in St. Peter’s Square, with his hit blue sky, in front of more than 80,000 young people who have arrived from all over Italy, on the day dedicated to the meeting between Pope Francis and young Italian teenagers. The singer-songwriter … Read more

Nicolas Savino makes fun of the opponent, details don’t escape

Nicolas Savino Apparently he mocked one of the competitors in this version ofFamous Island. reaction ilary plassi It was nothing short of exciting. The introduction literally let herself go. Isola dei Famosi: Where We Are At Easter, the date returns, early in the evening, withFamous Island. This year amid withdrawals, accidents, medical problems and rowing, … Read more