Alessandro Iannone is absent in the studio on Famous Island. Why? / Carmen Di Pietro …

Alessandro Iannone: The reason he was absent from the studio at Isola dei Famosi 2022 there The twentieth episode of Al-Mashoor Island 2022 She was the first without the untouchables Alessandro Iannone, Lycia Nunez, Blind and Gwendalina Tavasi who did not accept the extension until June 27. The four former Untouchables had already returned to … Read more

“Do you understand who I am?” Live phone call, embarrassment in the studio – Libero Quotidiano

Critical moments a Sunday on showFriday night version of the show hosted by Mara Venere On Rai 1. They just left the studio Vincenzo de Lucia And the Stefano Di Martinofunny movie heroes on a bicycle with impersonator de Lucia in the role Maria de Filippi. While, once they leave, the two fall to the … Read more

Dancing with the Stars, intense mourning for beloved protagonist: ‘My heart is torn apart’

Dancing with the Stars, intense mourning for our beloved protagonist: “My heart is torn apart.” The audience was affected, as he is one of the historical figures In nearly twenty years of history Dancing with the Stars There are heroes who were deeply distinguished by the program Rai 1. Like dance instructors, who surrender themselves … Read more

Cannes 2022, from Michelle Williams to Adriana Lima: elegance with a baby bump

Cannes 2022, from Michelle Williams to Adriana Lima: elegance with a baby bump May 27 2022 if it was Cannes Film Festival 2022 Dedicated to fine cinema, its red carpet features, as always,Incredible elegance. Many stars walked on one of the world’s most famous fashion shows, and this year had some gorgeous tummies that didn’t … Read more

Mara Vinier embarrasses Renzo Arbor / “I found in your house milk that expired 11 years ago”

Mara Vinier and an anecdote about Renzo Arbor: “I found expired milk in his fridge” Mara Venere Hosts her old love a Sunday inlegendary Renzo Arbor. “We were kind, very beautiful, we were boys … ”, Says the host after watching archival footage with Mara. “Back then you were fifty years old and it goes … Read more

Fabrizia returns home, Roger is alone in Playa Sjamadesima

A particular episode because there is only one month left until the final. After the usual greetings, Elari, who declared herself “too aggressive”, opens contact with Palapa. Alvin called Eduardo and Carmen. They are tested again. A Honduran chef is presented discovering three cloths: under the first lasagna, under the second sausage and potatoes and … Read more