Iron Maiden party in Bologna: the wind is very strong and threatening a storm, the only Italian date has been canceled

Bologna. The Iron Maiden concert in Bologna Sonic Park was canceled around 9 p.m. due to strong winds looming over the safety of the audience. About 30,000 people present – due to the dangerous situation associated with an oncoming storm – were called to quickly leave the arena. It is impossible to start the show, … Read more

“Things from the Third World”. There is no water, Briatore forced to close the pizza

A hole in the water (but without water). Similar damage Flavio Briatore He never expected it. “Incredible things, from the third world“. The businessman, who is used to meeting the special needs of customers in his headquarters, last night had to deal with an unexpected matter misunderstanding I blew everything up: no work evening, no … Read more

This is what he wants to see

Sonia Bruganelli left everyone stunned by her suggestion. The writer and producer revealed to everyone what she would like to see on TV: that’s what she’s admitted to. For some time now, the wife of Paulo Bonolis has become a full-fledged TV personality. Coupled with her marriage to the host of Canale 5, the author … Read more

Lotto and SuperEnalotto tie today Thursday 7 July 2022, winner by numbers and odds

Lotto, SuperEnalotto and 10eLotto draws today Thursday, July 7, 2022, live from 20:00. Winning numbers and real-time odds on Tonight’s SuperEnalotto jackpot is worth €233.9 million for the sixth winner. Today’s Lotto Extract and SuperEnalotto numbers for Thursday, July 7, 2022 live on Turn on notifications to receive updates ManyAnd the SuperEnalotto And … Read more

Do you know how much Stefano Di Martino earns for doing the best summer business: Mind-Boggling Characters

Stefano Di Martino Born as an artist in transfer friends Written by Maria De Filippi a few years ago. On this occasion, in addition to being able to introduce himself, he will also meet the love in his life. Obviously we’re talking about Belen Rodriguez. In this period he is involved in it Delivery From … Read more

Today’s Lotto Draw and SuperEnalotto Numbers on Thursday 7 July 2022

The appointment with the lotto extraction, SuperEnalotto, 10 and Lotto returns today, Thursday, July 7, 2022. After last Tuesday’s 80th SuperEnalotto draw, the prize pool has crossed five million. To see all Lotto results today, SuperEnalotto and 10 eLotto, Thursday 7 July 2022 just scroll on the page or click on this page. Lotto and … Read more

“Third World Materials”, a case in Rome – Libero Quotidiano

back to talk about it crazy pizzaSweetened Flavio BriatoreThe ‘too upscale’ pizzeria has ended up in the middle of an absurd controversy over prices deemed too high, with Naples pizzerias on the front line against the billionaire lord. But in this case we’re talking again because Crazy Pizza in Rome, in Via Veneto, has been … Read more