Fourth dose Brigliasco: “Enlarge the audience and reopen the center”

The offer of the fourth dose of the Covid vaccine should be extended “as soon as possible” to all people over 60 and vulnerable people of all ages, suggested the European Medicines Agency (EMA), which at this point announced an official outbreak recommendation with ECDC, the center European Disease Prevention and Control. Virus world Fabrizio … Read more

“By mid-July, the fourth dose of over 60 will begin.” Interview with Pierpaolo Sileri

The undersecretary of the Ministry of Health rules out the new restrictions, but launches a “very strong recommendation” for the most vulnerable people to get vaccinated, “to protect up to 99% of the risk of developing severe forms of the disease.” Regarding the infection curve, he asserts that “further deterioration is not expected” Jul 08, … Read more

With this hot bomb, how to prevent heat exhaustion thanks to medical advice and avoid risks to the heart, brain, kidneys and muscles

Heatstroke is the result that an organism can experience at a temperature of 40 degrees. This is a condition that should not be underestimated and requires immediate intervention. Normally, our body uses sophisticated defense mechanisms to dissipate heat. This phenomenon generally occurs in children and adults over 65 years of age. In any case, heat … Read more

Here’s the food that was busted in a few weeks

The health of citizens is at risk with tons of untraceable foodstuffs that are unfit for food consumption. Seizures and penalties throughout Italy. In Italy and Europe, food brought to consumers’ tables must follow bureaucratic procedures. Passages that often made producers discuss above all else: “Lots of rules to follow“, or”Europe and market regulations destroy … Read more

Liver cancer and here are the symptoms: a new treatment for advanced patients

From Vera Martinella First-line treatment is available that can extend patient survival, with benefits also for quality of life. Liver cancer is often diagnosed late, and remains a major killer Additional opportunity for treatment di Prolonging the survival of patients with the most common form of liver cancer, advanced or unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma who have … Read more

In summer, gardens become great outdoor gyms

Do you want to advertise on this site? Gardens as outdoor gyms, to exercise, enjoy the scenery and above all to be in company. It’s a synthesis Green Park Projectwhich a Lonato del Garda You just crossed the finish line of the promising second edition. for any age A second edition you want to put … Read more

The Japanese doctor who tried to save Abe: ‘Impossible to stop the bleeding’ copy copy Shinzo Abe sustained two wounds to the front of his neck, one of the bullets piercing his heart: Hidetada Fukushima, professor of emergency medicine at Nara University Hospital, said at a press conference. . Abe was treated by a team of more than 20 doctors but it was impossible to stop the … Read more