Study Sapienza University of Rome

you smokeyou suffer from high pressure And the are you married.? coverage Serum lasts less The survey comes from a new study conducted byUniversity of La Sapienza And from Umberto I Clinic From Rome, which identified demographic, clinical and social factors that interfere with the immune response after Covid-19 vaccination. The results were published in … Read more

Disease breaks out in the royal house

Kate Middleton scares everyone, the alarm goes off in court. Only she was taken away by rescue. A terrible disease reaches the royal house. What happens to the beloved Duchess of Cambridge? Terrible drama. Prince William worried Kate Middleton suffers from health problems. The Duchess of Cambridge Had to leave WimbledonAnd the Rescue robbed her. … Read more

Omicron 5, re-infection a month after the last infection? Positive for the BA.5 variant even after BA.2

It’s enough four weeks to be infected again New Omicron variant. The BA.5 strain is spreading all over the world very quickly. As well as in Italy, infections have returned to increase, as it has exceeded one hundred thousand cases several times over the past week. Vaccine immunity, as well as infection immunity, is not … Read more