Montebelluna, cutting the ribbon for the new fitness area in Manin Park

The fitness area in Manin Park opened today (Friday, May 27): an area for those who love outdoor physical activity with direct contact with nature. An area of ​​about 400 m erected in the south-west of the park, at a convenient distance from the children’s play area, fully equipped for gymnastics exercises, free body exercises … Read more

Very few people know that this delicious seasonal fruit can promote allergies but we can also combat them with these two exceptional natural antihistamines.

According to the latest national statistics, 1 in 5 Italians suffers from spring allergies and rhinitis and even 1 in 3 teenagers. The fact that this percentage has certainly increased in recent years. Fault in the rarity of deposits, lower clean air and less expected bloom. The fact is that if such hot springs occur … Read more

Monkeypox in Italy, its transmission and vaccine: Circular – Adnkronos

Monkeypox in Italy, its transmission and vaccine: CircularAdnkronos Monkeypox: cases of infection are increasing in Italy, we know the ways of transmission of the virus to … A new pandemic is upon us. Infectious disease specialist De Berry warns: We need to change, carnage in the nurseryAtmosphere View full coverage on Google News

Stradominio WHO: The thirst for power that its funders hide in the new pandemic treaty

“The health of the world needs one Who is the harder”. These are the pronunciations (without periphrasis) of Director general from the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesussaid in the openingGeneva Assembly, where the World Health Organization met and explained its intentions. The World Health Organization launched the program for the next five years. The … Read more

Isolation of monkeypox, ‘monkeypox virus’ in a Milanese bag

Isolation of “monkeypox virus” – After isolating the virus, Lombard Vice President Letizia Moratti commented, “It represents an important result of scientific research. It will be possible to test the activity of antiviral drugs and test the antibody response of patients who have been infected and the share of the population vaccinated against the smallpox … Read more

Virus isolated from Sacco in Milan

I was Isolation at Sacco Hospital in Milanin the laboratory of clinical microbiology, virology and bioenergetics diagnostics, and Monkeypox virus responsible for monkeypox epidemic Currently located in Europe. “This is important The result of scientific research – Lombard Vice President commented Letizia Moratti – It will be possible to test the activity of antiviral drugs … Read more