Covid: Aifa, adverse reactions to vaccines are less than one case per thousand – Health

Less than one in 1,000 adverse reactions have been reported after a Covid vaccine, according to data reported by Aifa in its latest vaccine report. In fact, out of a total of 135,849,988 doses taken, 134,361 reactions were reported, corresponding to 0.098%. 27 cases (3.6%) out of 748 deaths were assessed as related to Covid … Read more

Climber Falls From Climbing Wall: Mountains Step Into Rescue

This afternoon, in Borso del Grappa, Suem di Crespano del Grappa and Alpine Rescue intervened by helicopter to rescue a climber who had fallen from a climbing wall in Valle Santa Felicita. At the site, a doctor, a nurse and the CNSAS team who had reached him climbed on foot, and transferred to the off-road … Read more

Let’s take care of your eyesight and eyesight with this delicious juice with original ingredients but without red fruits

Sight is a precious commodity. Many people who have to deal with eye diseases are aware, for one reason or another. But many who wear glasses and contact lenses know this well, too. This doesn’t necessarily mean something bad or dangerous, but for some, wearing them can be a nuisance. An inconvenience not only from … Read more