Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is a PS5 exclusive because an SSD is a must –

In an interview with Japan’s Gamer, Square Enix producer Yoshinori Kitase explained it Final fantasy 7 rebirth it’s a’PS5 Exclusive Because the “extensive” game world of the new version necessarily requires speedSSD from the console. “It’s a PS5 exclusive because of the graphics quality of course, as well as the speed of the SSD,” Kitase … Read more

IPTV, the best. How to watch Italian TV channels on PC, Tablet and Smartphone

Today, those who want to listen to Italian radio in broadcasting have two possibilities: the first is to use individual radio applications, but it is a “fragmented” option, and the second is to download Radioplayer, an application also available via a browser (web application) that brings together all Italian radios. Radioplayer is a product of … Read more

Unieuro flyer “A sea of ​​zero discounts”: Galaxy S22 and QLED Smart TV at low prices

Offers not to be missed with the new promotion “Sea of ​​discounts at zero priceFrom the Unieuro Bulletin valid from July 11 to 21, 2022. Prime Day electronics series challenges Amazon 2022 head-to-head as well as the new MediaWorld flyer “Samsung Week” with many discounts, among which you can catch your favorite devices. Great deals … Read more

Renault Kangoo technical data sheet test, opinions and dimensions 1.5 Blue dCi 95 CV Edition One Plus

atmosphere of freedom Dashboard and controls. dashboard Renault Kangoo It has a discreet and fun look, but it’s made of hard plastic (like those on the door panels, except for the armrests), which screams a bit depending on engine speeds. The gear lever is quite high, while the instrument panel with hands is not the … Read more

Star Ocean: The Divine Force, let’s discover the new JRPG sci-fi game from Square Enix

Square Enix has announced the release date for Star Ocean: The Divine Force, as well as new details about the JRPG due out in October. Well, after watching the latest installment of Star Ocean: The Divine Force, and learning more about the combat system and characters, we’re more and more optimistic about the new iteration … Read more

Tonight our perception of the universe is changing – The HuffPost

Tonight our perception of the universe changesHuffPost What did the James Webb Space Telescope see? It will be revealed by Joe Biden tonight live from the White James Webb Telescope, it’s the big day. Biden Unveils First Satellite Today – Now’s the TimeHD Blog Amazing NASA Announcement: The first image of the Webb Telescope … Read more

Amazon Prime Day starts at midnight: that’s why it shouldn’t be missed

Prime Day 2022 will start from midnighta flurry of deals with unprecedented discounts (we already know but can’t reveal, except that they’re the best prices for quite some time now). Products of all categories will be discounted, so it is very likely that you will find what you have been waiting for for a long … Read more

Amazon Prime Day starts early: All the gadgets are already on display

Half a day before the official date, the first discounts forAmazon Prime DayThe marathon will start at midnight on July 12. This first round of discounted gadgets starting today, July 11th, is actually very special: it’s a selection of products Coming straight from amazonwhich in this way guarantees a few hours in advance on discounted … Read more