The percentage of users who win platinum is very high –

elden ring It was available in stores a little less than two months ago, however a large number of users have already extensively explored Interregnum and conquered Platinum Cup, which is awarded to beginners when all other features offered by the game are unlocked. According to PushSquare’s report at the moment, the percentage to acquire … Read more

David Jaffe rejects $100 million deal as criticism of Chinese government –

David Jaffeknown as the author of Twisted Metal and God of War, claimed to have rejected a $100 million deal from Tencent, is associated with the development of a new game, because he does not want to work with a Chinese company. Then the author criticized the Chinese government. speaking in Sacred Icons + Podcast … Read more

New sprint world record under seven minutes –

New world record playback speed from elden ring It’s one of those really impressive things, considering the title we’re talking about: Less than seven minutes. More precisely: six minutes and forty-six seconds. Obviously the fast racing class Which%, which allows vulnerabilities and bugs to be exploited faster, as in this case. To accomplish this feat … Read more