Milan’s plans, Redbird: between the restart strategies and the assertions of Maldini and Massara On newsstands today, La Gazzetta dello Sport tracks the stages of Milan’s transfer of ownership from Elliot to RedBird. La Rosa, in particular, traces the identity of Jerry Cardinale, potential and upcoming Rossoneri owner, citing his past, his passions, and the qualities of an American businessman. In the newspaper columns, in particular, RedBird Capital’s … Read more

“At the 3.5 million offered by Napoli Koulibaly there will be a big laugh. The Italians have serious economic problems, just think of Juventus…”

Prosecutor Dario Canofi spoke to Kiss Kiss Napoli during the broadcast of “Radio Goal”: “I think 100 million figures the international market cannot afford at the moment, for Osimhen, some clubs can reach these numbers but there won’t definitely be a struggle. Coulibaly renewal? I think he laughs so hard at the 3.5 million Napoli … Read more

Giro d’Italia, today’s stage from Belluno to Marmolada: route hikes, favorites and TV schedules

The theater – Departure from Belluno with a short detour along the Piave Valley between Sedeco, Santa Justina and Sospirolo. Then you enter the valley of the Cordfuli, which ascends through Agordo and Sensinghi. There the final triple stage of the climb begins with the San Pellegrino Pass (10 km at 6.6%), the Belluno side … Read more

Lautaro responds to Mbappe: “What he said about Argentina and Brazil is unfair.”

The Nerazzurri player, who retired with his country, responded to the French, who confirmed that European football is superior to South American football. talk about it DybalaBut not only from him. Lautaro Martinez, In the interview with TycSport, he also talked about the Argentine national team. On one occasion he also responded to Mbappe that … Read more

Morata: It depends on Juventus: There are no rivals but Atletico’s request shows no sign of relegation | first page

Alvaro Morata Still, in the current situation It is likely that he will start to stay, the Atletico Madrid player: The Juventus does not have the financial resources Necessary to activate the right of redemption from ColchonerosHis demand fell decisively on deaf ears. 35 millionas agreed at the outset, Or nothing has been done about … Read more