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Moscow: Rome did not send us slowly but from what we have read … “They did not send us anything from Rome, but from what we read in the media, the Italian proposals are so disconnected from reality that it is difficult in principle to take them seriously.” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, citing … Read more

Kyiv: Moscow controls the entire Sea of ​​Azov | The collapse of the Ukrainian defenses in Lugansk | Russia: ready for dialogue on wheat – TGCOM

Kyiv: Moscow controls the entire Sea of ​​Azov | The collapse of the Ukrainian defenses in Lugansk | Russia: We are ready for dialogue on wheatTGCOM Ukraine – Russia, news from today’s war: Moscow: “Ready for dialogue about grain supplies from Ukraine.” Kyiv: …Republic EU: Harvest risks, 25 million tons of wheat leave UkraineANSA Agency … Read more

Ukraine Russia Today War News Moscow forces bomb Donbass. Mariupol, safe passage for grain ships

from Francesco Battistini, Andrea Marinelli, Guido Olympio, Marta Serafini and Paolo Foschi On Wednesday, May 25th, news of the war was broadcast live • The war in Ukraine has reached its 91st day: here is a special about the three months of the conflict. • Russia escalates its attacks in the Donbass region, according to … Read more

The long path of blood in American schools – the world

The Ovaldi, Texas massacre is the worst school shooting since the Sandy Hook massacre in 2012. A new tragedy stretches the bloodstream in the United States and reignites the gun debate. Here are some of the major American massacres: *May 14, 2022, Buffalo: 18-year-old Payton Gendron walks into a Buffalo supermarket and kills 10 people. … Read more

The war, after three months «20% of Ukraine is already Putin». Frost in the Kremlin on Italian peace

there Russia Occupied in three months of war About 20% of the land Ukrainian, equivalent to 125,000 square kilometres. And although Moscow has, on several occasions, slowed its advance in an attempt to restore its forces, Kyiv is now facing difficulty, with immediate and long-term needs. For this on Earth, the second ForbesThere has been … Read more

Corruption is rampant in Russia, Kyiv’s greatest ally among bribes, thefts and interests

Demon from afar there korruptzia“Villains who stripped people gathered and hired soldiers and judges to protect the orgies and feasts,” Tolstoy notes in his book memoirsOctober 5, 1878. Like Tapi walking through Russian history, this demon is strangely reflected in Gogol’s novel and in The Sins of Antonovich, in the general inspector. And resistance to … Read more

Zelensky at the top grabs Ramstein 2 yes to Harpoon missiles

Rome – There is a promise that could influence the course of the war. She says: They provided us with missiles capable of striking at a distance of 150 km, and we pledge not to attack targets on Russian soil. It was the Ukrainian delegates who drafted it before the forty countries of the “Consultative … Read more