Kyiv to Moscow: "Private negotiation session in Mariupol" | Evacuation of some civilians from the city by buses – TGCOM

Kyiv in Moscow: “A special session of the negotiations in Mariupol” | Some civilians were evacuated from the city by busesTGCOM Russo-Ukrainian war, convoy of buses ready to evacuate Mariupol residents: municipal videodaily fact Ukraine, mayor: 40 thousand civilians deported from Mariupol – Ultima OraANSA Agency Against the tide, the mayor of Mariupol speaks: “It’s … Read more

The arms of Ukraine, Schulz increasingly alone in Germany

BERLIN – While bragging about his sober German, Olaf Schulz managed to stage a show once again. We asked our arms industry to tell us what materials they could supply us next. Ukraine has made this list its own and made a choice and we will guarantee the necessary funding.” The chancellor once again succeeded … Read more

Ukraine, the commander of the Marines writes to the Pope: "Help save civilians in Mariupol" – TGCOM

Ukraine, Commander of the US Marine Corps writes to the Pope: ‘Help save civilians in Mariupol’TGCOM Family members of the “Defenders of Mariupol” write to the Pope: “Save the civilians trapped in the steel mill: they are without food and medicine.”Opens The Scream: Francis Rescued Those Trapped in MariupolVatican News – Italian Mariupol, the Ukrainian … Read more

Moskva, are the sailors and the captain alive? Moscow’s Video Novel (And What Doesn’t Return)

The video released by the Russian Ministry of Defense about the crew of the warship is an interesting movie Moskva soaked in black sea. Pictures were shown for the first time after the disaster off the coast of Odessa and sailors were seen parading in the city Sevastopol (In Crimea) The headquarters of the Russian … Read more