“Almost the whole world is with him,” what little admits about Putin – Libero Quotidiano

Good-bye, Boris Johnson. Scandals and the mass resignations of members of his government overshadowed the British Prime Minister white flag waving: resignation as party leader. Thus, the UK will change its leadership. All in the midst of the war in Ukraine, a conflict in which BoJo has taken a very clear position: whatever the cost, … Read more

“We didn’t even start in Ukraine. Does the West want to defeat us in battle? Try it »- Corriere.it

New threats to Vladimir Putin voiced to Parliament leaders in the Federal Assembly. US Secretary of State Blinkin and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov avoid each other at the G20 from our mailMykolaev – “In Ukraine we have not yet begun to deal seriously.” Before the Parliamentary Leaders of the Federal Assembly, Russian President Vladimir Putin … Read more

“Sexual change also for children and adolescents”: requests from the Council of Europe

There’s a strange order of priorities before European Councilwho, while searching for solutions against drought and trying to limit Vladimir Putin’s work to avoid a world war, and at the same time also facing an economic crisis and an energy crisis, asks sex change also gods the palace. This is the request made with a … Read more

Like Carrie, Pogo Cross and Delight – the world

Carrie Johnson was in the front row in front of 10 Downing Street with her young daughter Romy in her arms to accompany her husband, Boris Johnson, into the sunset of his political career. In these three years, the First Lady has been one aspect of the Prime Minister Boris reference numberwho bore him two … Read more

German aviation and airport chaos demands 2,000 foreign workers – Corriere.it

Germany’s federal government could allow in – temporarily – 2,000 foreign workers to be hired at the country’s airports to ease the staff shortage that has led to flight chaos in recent weeks. This is the order of some German airports grouped into the German Airport Association (Adv) for use by management companies and private … Read more

The influence of Western weapons and the “pause” of the Russian army – Corriere.it

From Andrea Marinelli and Guido Olympio HYMARS systems supplied to Ukraine are showing their usefulness. Meanwhile, after advancing to Donbass, the Russians took a breath and reinforced units in the Black Sea For the first time in weeks President Volodymyr Zelensky underlines how new weapons sent by NATO will have a greater impact on the … Read more

Putin: “In Ukraine we have not yet started in earnest. The further we go, the more difficult it will be to negotiate with us.”

7 July 2022 20:06 Putin: “The West failed to sow discord in Russia” Russian President Russian President Vladimir Putin He stated that the West had failed to achieve a goal sow discord in the country. Of course, they didn’t just want to hit the Russian economy hard. was their goal sow discord destroying society, frustrates … Read more