Ukraine, long live the war. Lukashenko, “Ready to defend us.” Belarus invaded, disturbing scenario – Libero Quotidiano

“The Russians are circumventing sanctions.” President Volodymyr Zelensky sounded the alarm, stressing that the war in Ukraine, which has reached the 95th day, is taking a negative turn for Kyiv. On the field, Russia is ahead in the east, the real target of this second (but perhaps not the last) stage. On the diplomatic level, … Read more

Saturday after boarding

Optional memorial to Blessed Luigi Biraghi in the entranceI will give you shepherds according to my heart.They will guide youWith wisdom and doctrine ”- says the Lord. Alleluia. reading BC 5, 9-14. 15 c – d. 16 c-dRead the Song of Songs What does your beloved possess more than anyone else, you are beautiful among … Read more

Bye Parioli, now lives in Greece (to pay only 350 euros for rent)

Until a few years ago he lived in an elegant apartment parioliTravel on private jets and spend their holidays in luxury villas around the world. In fact, her husband guaranteed her and her two children a 5-star life. Now, after the divorce, she moved to a small island of Greecewith his dog, because life is … Read more

“Now a policeman in front of every school” –

From Giuseppe Sarsina The former President of the United States strongly attacks Joe Biden, the Democratic Party, the far left. About 200 demonstrators gathered in front of the convention center to protest the gathering of one of America’s most powerful pressure groups Looking forward to seeing the origin, many affiliated with “National Rifle Association” They … Read more

Ukraine Russia, news of today’s war | Putin’s wrath over American weapons in Kyiv. Severodonetsk besieged

On Saturday, May 28th, news of the war was broadcast live. The leader of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, said that a group of Chechen fighters had taken complete control of the line of contact with the “Ukrainian nationalists”. 06:37 – Turning point in arms in Kyiv, and Putin’s wrath (Gianluca MercuryOn the ninety-fourth day of the … Read more

War in Ukraine: Live News, From Zelensky to Draghi, Let’s Open Ports Together – World

Fighting rages in Donbass. mayor Severodonetsk British Prime Minister Boris talks about 1,500 people killed since the beginning of the conflict Johnson He says Russia is making “slow but tangible progress” in Ukraine and in particular in Donbass. According to the Prime Minister, President Vladimir put it in “It is costing itself and the Russian … Read more

Putin advances in the Donbass with the tactics of the Syrian butcher Dvornikov (and Kyiv loses 100 soldiers a day)

They call it the “cauldron” tactic. This is what Russia is doing to turn the tide of the Battle of Donbass in its favor. The strategy is the one studied by General Alexander Dvornikov, “the butcher of Syria”. After several weeks of stalemate, the Russian army appears to have found a way to advance into … Read more

Agents locked him in the trunk of a car and threw a gas grenade, and the 38-year-old died of suffocation at the wheel.

The shocking story is in Brazil where 38-year-old Ginvaldo de Jesus Santos, who was suffering from mental illness, died of asphyxiation during his arrest in the city of Umbauba. “There is better than us” So Brazilian police officers turned into a wife and family Ginvaldo de Jesus Santos While they imprisoned the man In the … Read more

American Rifle in Houston. “Freedom of Arms is Sacred”

Houston (Texas) – Houston (Texas) – There are beautiful houses with balconies here, where you can listen to the wind, caress the wind, talk to the wind, have a drink, and have a stuffed gun near your feet. Avenida de las Americas Now is America: Hundreds of people gathered to protest child massacres, and hundreds … Read more