PlayStation Studios Officially Acquires Haven, Jade Raymond Studio –

by Twitter i playstation studios Formalize the new Obsession. This is Haven Studios, the new developer founded by former Ubisoft Jade Raymond After leaving the Stadia team. The studio will already be working with Mark Cerny, the PlayStation 5’s volcanic creator. The Canadian studio and the Japanese giant had announced the acquisition in March of … Read more

Vintage look and automatic transmission, the Heritage Altitude is a stunning e-bike with French components

Heritage The small French manufacturer has in different ranges e-bike With a certain style, among them is the new e-mountain e-bike that stands out to rise. The frame geometry is quite traditional, but Heritage used metal to give the bike an aesthetic appeal Looks similar to historical motorcycles. Thus the carbon of the frame is … Read more

Xbox Series X can run Windows 98 and all the classic games for Microsoft –

The group of tech experts at the Digital Foundry pulled off a rather interesting experiment. We’ve all said a few years ago, in fact, that “consoles are now personal computers,” but rarely has there been a more impressive demonstration. In fact, Alex Battaglia managed to install Windows 98 straight on one Xbox Xbox X. With … Read more

The Higgs Boson is the cornerstone of the new physics – Physics and Mathematics

The Higgs boson is only past history: despite its discovery ten years ago, this famous particle is still the cornerstone of discovering new laws of nature and opening the doors of so-called new physics. Its allies will be the particle accelerators of the future, more powerful and complex, and together they will be able to … Read more

What did the James Webb Space Telescope see? It will be revealed by Joe Biden tonight live from the White House

In a last-minute announcement, NASA announced that United States President Joseph R. Biden will unveil the first color image produced by the James Webb Space Telescope ahead of the official event on July 12. The broadcast will be announced live on ESA and NASA TVs starting at 11 p.m. on July 11, Italian time. Here … Read more

Reveal the huge revenue generated so far on OnlyFans –

Twitch star Kaitlyn Amouranth Siragosa, famous for being the most watched in the world, has unveiled Huge returns who did so far Only the fans: $337,60272.48. After tax, his total earnings were $27,006,617.98. there Table The post in the tweet with the announcement shows that our earnings have been around $1.5 million per month in … Read more