I’ve never seen such a high rate

To celebrate its 160th anniversary, Poste is releasing a series of particularly attractive mailing coupons. The goal is to encourage young investors. One hundred and sixty years. And not just to hear it but also to take advantage of it to give younger savers to start learning about financial instruments. photo Among the various initiatives … Read more

Not 30 nor 32 but this number of times we have to chew food before swallowing to facilitate digestion and lose weight

Among the problems that modern life poses to us with its frenzied rhythms is the problem of eating in a hurry so as not to waste much time. Eating happens standing up, choosing greasy, uncooked and poor quality foods because that’s what our closest refreshment point offers us. 10 minutes and back to work. Even … Read more

Marina Ovsyannikova, what happened to the anti-Putin journalist? “I live in limbo, even my son accuses me”

She jumped into the headlines for her breakout with an anti-war cartel during her colleague’s Tg release. A few weeks passed since the start of the war in Ukraine when Marina Ovsyanikova, a longtime TV producer, couldn’t stand it anymore and made a gesture that made her spend a night in prison. Today, after more … Read more

Farewell to Whatsapp on these devices, many Italians will be left without: the date is official

Whatsapp will stop working on these devices. This is where you will soon be unable to take advantage of the messenger. Whatsapp – LettoQuotidiano.it days The WhatsApp They were calculated on some cell phones before. The instant messaging app with the largest number of users in the world has announced its application as of March … Read more

How and when does it work

dwelling” News ” Sismaponus to 2024: How does it work and when is it The earthquake program is an incentive that provides a tax deduction from 50 to 85% calculated on expenses incurred to operate to reduce earthquake risk. The procedure has already been extended until December 31, 2024: let’s see in detail how it … Read more

Pay attention to these 4 false myths to dispel the idea of ​​preserving food to avoid health problems too

Preserving food is a delicate process that directly affects health. As summer approaches and temperatures rise, proper food storage becomes essential. However, unfortunately, there are still a lot of misconceptions about food storage and some of them can lead to some health problems. For example, canned foods are one of the foods that Italians love … Read more

Pilots who sleep while flying, a precedent in the history of aviation. “Passed landing airports”

Rome Pilot (first officer) is sleeping legally because his rest time was planned. The other pilot, the captain, was a stroke victim. It is one of the hypotheses that ETA Airlines He goes on to explain the status of his flight 609 from New York on April 30: that night the two pilots on the … Read more