Vampire The Masquerade, Paradox allows anyone to create a game of the saga for free –

paradox about launch unbounda program that allows any studio or independent developer Create a game based on the world of Vampire: The Masquerade Without having to pay licensing fees and even sell it on the platform. The initiative was launched following the success of the Vampire Jam, a game jam involving 80 projects, six … Read more

‘It wouldn’t have happened with Higuain’

Very disappointing performance Peter Zelensky and Fabian Ruiz They are there for all to see. The Napoli midfielders are no longer able to make an impact as before, and their poor performances also affect the team’s results. also Antonio CassanoDuring the live broadcast of the programme BoboTvAttack the Azzurri players. Peter Zelensky “He took it … Read more