The Higgs Boson is the cornerstone of the new physics – Physics and Mathematics

The Higgs boson is only past history: despite its discovery ten years ago, this famous particle is still the cornerstone of discovering new laws of nature and opening the doors of so-called new physics. Its allies will be the particle accelerators of the future, more powerful and complex, and together they will be able to … Read more

Ten years ago, the Higgs boson was discovered – Physics and Mathematics

Today, July 4, ten years have passed since the discovery of the most famous particle, the Higgs boson, thanks to which there is mass, but this page of physics is far from closed. In fact, beauty begins now, because there are still many open questions. One of the great experiments of the world’s largest accelerator, … Read more

Understanding Autism Disorders Through Investigating the Visual System, Study – Medicine

(ANSA) — Trieste, Jun 11 — From hypersensitivity to clothing to extreme visual attention to detail: Nearly 90% of people with autism report atypical sensory experiences. The origin of this may be an imbalance in neuronal activity. A new project by Davide Zoccolan, neuroscientist at the International Graduate School of Advanced Studies (SISSA), funded by … Read more