War in Ukraine, Moscow: “A new experiment on a hypersonic missile” – World

The Russian Armed Forces announced that they had successfully completed a new one Zircon ultrasonic cruise missile test. The frigate Admiral Gorchkov launched the missile from the Barents Sea to a target in the White Sea, in the Arctic but at a distance of a thousand kilometers. The first test of the Zircon missile dates … Read more

Russian soldier hits and threatens captured Ukrainian soldiers with a knife

Photos posted on Twitter: testify to the brutality of the war in Ukraine Corriere Some Ukrainian soldiers captured by Russian special forces: this is what these photos show. Brutality of the Russian Spetsnaz, Russian special forces indicating targets to be struck in Ukraine, against some prisoners. In the first pictures we see a Russian soldier … Read more

Ukraine, Erdogan: “No to Finland and Sweden in NATO”. Moscow: “Putin and Zelensky’s meeting is impossible at the moment” – the world

Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin had a phone conversation with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu Quick order Ceasefire in Ukraine highlighted the importance of maintaining communication channels. The Pentagon says so. This is the first call since the start of the war in Ukraine. joining Finland and Sweden The Turkish president said that in NATO it … Read more

Ukraine, G7: “Putin must not win the war”. Jill Biden Meets Zelensky’s Wife – Mundo

G7 countries pledge to stop importing Russian oil: White House reports after video call between leaders The green light from the EU is still being postponed For a gradual Moscow oil embargo. In the meantime, diplomacy is on its way. Jill Biden He made a surprise trip to western Ukraine to meet the first lady … Read more

Ukraine: The European Union is preparing to stop Russian oil. From Guterres to Borodinka: “The Unacceptable Destruction of the Twenty-first Century” – The World

Sending arms to Ukraine and other countries constitutes a “threat to the security of Europe”. This was stated by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, citing TASS. “Tonight was filled with a huge number of phosphorous bombs. Fifty air raids, rockets, artillery shells and everything a barbarian could use against humanity.” This was stated by the deputy … Read more