Synchro World Cup: Minisini-Ruggiero gold, 5 Italy podiums – sport

Giorgio Menesini and Lucrezia Ruggiero were able to win two gold medals in the same edition of the World Synchronized Swimming Championships. Last Monday, the world champions graduated in the technical field, bringing the title back to Italy after nearly five years of the first success of the same Minisini and Manila Flamini, and today … Read more

Xi, Putin, BRICS launch message against NATO sanctions and ‘expansion’

Beijing – At the top of the BRICS Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin are back together on the (virtual) stage of a major international event. At the summit bringing together Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa which opens tomorrow, the Chinese president – host of the 14th edition – reaffirmed his vision of the … Read more

The phrase about Russia that makes the world tremble – Libero Quotidiano

What game is China playing? In which side is it Xi Jinping? Despite a few sentences, some of the words were interpreted as an attempt to ‘push’ Russian President Vladimir Putin Towards a peace agreement, the feeling–much more than a feeling, in fact–is that the Dragon is united in support of Moscow, in conquest and … Read more

Trauma Report (later removed) – Libero Quotidiano

Do aliens exist? According to the Chinese, yes: Beijing government’s scientific information site Science and Technology Daily declared that he has Messages received from a strange civilization. How? through the telescope eye of the skywhich has a diameter of 500 meters and is located in Guizhou Province. Immediately after the news broke on social media, … Read more

Milan closes with a strong shield of the European Central Bank. Spread Bottom – Economy

The spread between Italian BTPs and the 10-year German Bund decreased at 216.5 points, compared to 241 points recorded yesterday at the end of the session. The Italian annual return fell 36.4 points to 3.799%, compared to 11.1 points lower in Germany and 16.6 points lower in France. All went well in Piazza Avary, better … Read more

Stocks up after the ECB, spread down – the economy

European stock markets rejoice after the start of trading in the US starting in Milan (+3.45%), spurred by the European Central Bank’s intention to press ahead with a new anti-proliferation shield. The spread between German BTPs and bonds stands at 212 points, with the Italian annualized yield dropping 46.3 points to 3.699%. Madrid (+2.18%), Frankfurt … Read more

Positive European stock markets, a sharp decline in the spread – the economy

A positive start for the European listings that yesterday failed to recover. In addition to expectations for a Federal Reserve rate hike between 0.5 and 0.75%, attention was drawn to the emergency meeting called by the European Central Bank. The market expects the European Central Bank, following Christine Lagarde’s words and affecting spreads, to seek … Read more

“Italy and the United States are on the verge of collapse”

new G8 to Russia. war in Ukraine The world is dividing and the burden of sanctions affects economies. like him put it in invented a political forum Composed of countries that do not abide by Western sanctions against Moscow. This was announced by the Chairman of the Russian State Duma (parliament), Vyacheslav Volodin, on Telegram, … Read more

‘China sits on mountains of wheat’, doubts about Beijing – Libero Quotidiano

“Are we now beginning to see the tragic effects of war?” This is the question asked by David Barrenzo Federico Rambini to me On air On La7, referring to inflation and the recent deep economic crisis. In response to an editor’s question Corriere della Sera He wanted to explain: “Inflation did not arise with the … Read more

China: We will not hesitate to go to war over Taiwan – Chronicle

Quoting his Minister Wu Fengyi during a meeting with Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin, China’s Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian said China “will not hesitate to start a war” if Taiwan declares independence. “If anyone dares to separate Taiwan from China, the Chinese army will not hesitate to wage war at any costWu added. A question … Read more