Covid Emma: Towards approval of annual influenza vaccines

The confirmation came from Marco Cavalieri, head of vaccine strategy for the European Medicines Agency (EMA). “Depending on the data we receive, we may be able to move toward an influenza vaccine-like framework that does not require clinical data to be submitted before the annual update is approved. He emphasized that discussions among experts are … Read more

Bill Gates publishes autobiography of 74, earned $12,000

Bill Gates publishes his autobiography on LinkedIn in 1974, and it is written on a typewriter. The Microsoft co-founder, born in 1955, and now a philanthropist involved in the fight against coronavirus and climate change, had already gained knowledge in the field of IT 48 years ago. Despite being in the prime of his academic … Read more

Letizia from Spain tests positive for Covid, her health conditions

Letizia Spain It turns out that positive in covid. Report this to the royal palace with a note. La Reina has put all of her commitments on the agenda for the next few days. These are his health conditions. Letizia from Spain tests positive for COVID-19 After sharing the award ceremony of the Princess of … Read more

Omicron 5, coronavirus and abnormalities in hospitals. What are diseases – time

Cases of the virus in Italian hospitals are increasing day by day. But in the ward there is an anomaly that few think about. In fact, most patients arrive at the hospital due to other illnesses, and only later find out that they have coronavirus. There is also another system through which the number of … Read more

Omicron, 4th dose for those over their 70s? With infections booming, the government is now thinking about it

The Corona virus disease It changes quickly, from alternative to alternative, and shows no sign of slowing this race creating a new surge of infection. Thus, the epidemiological picture is changing rapidly, to the point that regions are now asking the government to speed up administration of the fourth dose well beyond the 1970s in … Read more

Omicron, invisible positives who self-diagnose and do not testify to positivity. The last plague

cases Corona virus disease It keeps growing but unreported and ‘self-diagnosed’ cases go hand in hand DIY tampons. Because with summer approaching, the number of those who would rather not test positive and then independently manage the infection (however endanger anyone around them) is increasing. To certify it as the International Space Station in the … Read more