It feels bad while shopping, provided by some customers who have been directed over the phone by 118 operators

Gemona. Felt ill while shopping at Eurospar Gemo Taboga, in Gemona Del Friuli. A 54-year-old man suddenly fell to the ground. It was rescued by the staff and some customers – including a university student – who were in the supermarket at the time, by the operators of Centrale Sores of Palmanova who arrived directly … Read more

Monfalcone, in front of his son playing football in the Duke of Aosta

Alexig Suban The fifty-year-old from San Floriano, fell to the ground during the match in the school gymnasium given to AR Fincantieri. Monfalcone. He dies in front of his son playing futsal. The tragedy occurred Thursday evening, around 8 p.m., in a Doca Aosta school gymnasium in Montfalcone. The 50-year-old from San Floriano del Collio … Read more