Illness on vacation, doctor Luigi Genova died in Sicily: he was 61 years old

RIVER VENETO / CORDENONS – Died of a sudden illness while he was at it Vacation in Palermo General Practitioner Luigi Genova. He was 61 years old and residing in Cordenones. However, he was well known in Fiume Veneto, where he set up his clinic and patients for years. The doctor was in Sicily With … Read more

Manfredi Della Gherardesca dies at the age of 60. Jadu: “Now that we can be together, it’s gone”

He died in his sleep at Castello della Gherardesca. I just got back from a trip abroad. TheFor Count Manfredi Della Ghirardescathird son of Guelfo della Gherardesca, brother of Sibilla and Gaddo: born in 61, He would have turned 61 on August 5splits his home in London between Tuscany and travels the world. An internationally … Read more

Jesse Kouse, the blogger and his dog who died in the accident with the Beetle: They traveled from Brazil to Alaska

A dream turns into a tragedy: It happened in Salma, Balad Oregon. Jesse Cusa well-known blogger is 29 years old Die In a scary car accident with an affair shurasti dog. The ultimate goal was to get to Alaska from Brazil, after traveling with his four-legged friend and his 1978 Volkswagen Beetle to 19 different … Read more