The Higgs Boson is the cornerstone of the new physics – Physics and Mathematics

The Higgs boson is only past history: despite its discovery ten years ago, this famous particle is still the cornerstone of discovering new laws of nature and opening the doors of so-called new physics. Its allies will be the particle accelerators of the future, more powerful and complex, and together they will be able to … Read more

La Siritide – 7/07/2022 – Sant’Arcangelo: many have already participated in the PREVASC study

In Sant’Arcangelo (Potenza), the second phase, after Montoro (Avellino), of the national study PREVASC (Prevalence of Cardiovascular Diseases) continues until Friday, which aims to examine the cardiovascular health status of Italians over 65 years of age, Through a survey of a sample of two thousand citizens in this age group. “This is a cross-sectional study, … Read more

Newcleo collects 300 million for clean nuclear power

Newcleo raises 300 million from raising capital and enters the French market. The start-up, which was born in London last fall, but is based in Turin where researchers and scientists work, has completed within two months the fundraising of capital launched at the company’s first general meeting in March, to continue the path of clean … Read more

Gasoline over 2 euros at all distributors. Gas costs us twice that

Chronicle / City of Como Monday 20 June 2022 Increases The consumption fee reduction has already been canceled – it expires on July 8, after which the price may rise to €2.5 There is no DIY green city gas station for less than 2 euros per liter. Some of the self-service pumps exceed the threshold … Read more

Gas and more supplies from Algeria and abroad: Eni signs agreement with Qatar – Sky Tg24

Gas and more supplies from Algeria and abroad: Eni signs agreement with QatarSky Tg24 Eni Gas enters the world’s largest project in QatarCorriere della Sera Eni reaches an agreement on gas in Qatar. You will be a partner of North Field Easteuronews (in Italian) Gas: Eni in the world’s largest LNG project in QatarANSA Agency … Read more