The grain factory that the Russians bombed: ‘Leaving civilians without food’

Interview with two Ukrainian soldiers from the 63rd Brigade By Marta Serafini, forwarded to Snihurivka / CorriereTv We are in Snihurivka on the front line towards Kherson. Here a grain factory has just been bombed. As we walked we found the charred body of a man in civilian clothes. I managed to meet two Ukrainian … Read more

What changes for those who shop – Libero Quotidiano

with the ‘inflation As it grows, the Italians table cries. Based on the results June 2022 stats (which has set a record since 1986), food commodities on supermarket shelves rose 8.8% compared to the same month last year. But there are products that reach much higher percentages. Like, for example, the increase in the cost … Read more

Discover the anti-obesity molecule that mimics the benefits of exercise

It’s called Lac-Phe, and it’s a molecule that can fight obesity by reducing food intake and feeling hungry. And you may not even need to go to the gym anymore. Goodbye diet? It’s no joke, it’s all true, say two researchers from the most prestigious American universities. In fact, this interesting perspective was explained by … Read more

Nigeria: Church crowds to distribute food, 31 dead – last hour

(ANSA) – CAIRO, May 28 – At least 31 people were killed in Nigeria’s southern state of Rivers when a crowd broke out in a church where food was being distributed. “An investigation is underway,” said local police spokeswoman Grace Iringi Koko. According to Iringi Koko, “Some people showed up early, some got impatient and … Read more

Orca in the Seine, acoustic stimuli to propel it towards the sea – Europe

Orcas that have ended up in the waters of the Seine for days, and whose health is rapidly deteriorating, will be directed towards the sea by drones that will propagate the direction of these cetaceans, in the hope that the animal will respond as expected by specialists, both French and international. , who are following … Read more