The grain factory that the Russians bombed: ‘Leaving civilians without food’

Interview with two Ukrainian soldiers from the 63rd Brigade By Marta Serafini, forwarded to Snihurivka / CorriereTv We are in Snihurivka on the front line towards Kherson. Here a grain factory has just been bombed. As we walked we found the charred body of a man in civilian clothes. I managed to meet two Ukrainian … Read more

She is in a wheelchair, and her partner is dancing during the Ultimo party – Corriere TV

She is in a wheelchair, and her partner is dancing during the Ultimo concertTV courier Ultimo’s concert becomes magical: she’s in a wheelchair, and he makes her dancedaily fact Glamor at the Ultimo party in Naples, she is in a wheelchair: she makes her dance. Video on Last time in Naples, Pino Daniele honored … Read more

‘This is what the occupiers leave behind’: A video of a devastated Ukraine

Pictures that Zelensky posted on social media VISTA Agency / Alexander Jakhnagiev / CorriereTv “Infrastructure destroyed. Bridges, roads, homes, hospitals, schools and factories. Cities burned, universities and hospitals destroyed by missiles. This is all passengers leave behind. This is our life now. But we will prove that evil cannot win. We will liberate our land. … Read more

Can children and young adults also suffer from Long-Covid?

there Syndrome Post-Covid is already one in itself illness The new, the experts gather on it Information Little by little, as the months went by. If there is still a lot to understand about adults, come on children Adolescents are more than that compound. Data around the world is partial, but studies are fast has … Read more

Lorenzo Fragola in video after panic attack: We need to talk about it

The singer, 2014 X Factor winner, shared his experience on TikTok Corriere “I made this video right after a panic attack at 4 am. It’s a horrific experience, but I wanted to show it to tell everyone who suffers that they need to talk about it and get help. It’s a nuisance and no shame.” … Read more

Ukrainian soldier resists alone in trenches surrounded by Russians (who throw grenades at him) – Corriere TV

Ukrainian soldier resists alone in the trenches surrounded by Russians (who throw grenades at him)TV courier “When I am afraid, I remember why I am here”: video clip of the young Ukrainian soldier in the View full coverage on Google News

“I’m Barack Obama, Jacob, do you remember me?”: The encounter (after 13 years) between the ex-president and the child in Avatar

“I Barack ObamaDo you remember me? It’s been 13 years, but former US President Obama has not forgotten his “little friend” Jacob Philadelphia, now 18 years old. In a video posted on social media, Obama congratulated the boy on Zoom on his graduation day from the International School in Uganda. Jacob – the son of … Read more