The European Union, so they deceived Italy, the “slap” that no one expected – Libero Quotidiano

Renato Farina 26 June 2022 nothing to say. Mario Draghi Wonderful teller. taken from European Council A loud slap – and Italy with him – around gas price ceiling Which will help us spend less and harm Moscow by reducing the flow of money into its coffers. Draghi’s suggestion did not and will not occur … Read more

Putin and the rise of the ruble: this is the reason for the success of sanctions

But how, we’ve been torturing ourselves for months to steal the goose from Putin that lays the golden eggs of the oil and gas export that finances the war in Ukraine, chokes the chicken with his hands, and cuts off supplies to Italy. Germany and who else is this happening? is he crazy? Or is … Read more

Fuel, 30 cents off until August 2 – last hour

(ANSA) – Rome, June 24 – Minister of Economy and Finance Daniele Franco and Minister of Environmental Transformation Roberto Cingolani have signed the ministerial decree extending measures currently in place to lower the final price of the fuel. Thus, the 30-cent deduction for a liter of gasoline, diesel, LPG and methane for cars has been … Read more

Gas, Germany activates alert level

Milan The gas situation remains in the focus of European advisories after Russia began reducing flows and the International Energy Agency warned that “Europe is preparing for a complete shutdown.” after rumors BloombergGerman Economy Minister, Robert HabeckIt announced the activation of the “alert level” in its emergency plan: this is the second level of the … Read more

Russia now wants to leave us at a standstill. EU discusses cap on gas prices – Il Tempo

Luigi Frasca June 23, 2022 The price ceiling issue could enter the outcome of the European Summit. The 27 leaders are sure to talk about it in the economic segment of the summit today and tomorrow, even if it is still far from building a broad consensus on the issue. There are different ideas between … Read more

Ukraine: Biden, fuel tax suspension for 3 months – last hour

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, June 22 – US President Joe Biden has asked Congress to suspend the federal gasoline tax for three months to help Americans adjust to higher prices. This was stated by the White House in a note. “The price of gas has skyrocketed worldwide and is about $2 per gallon (3.7 liters) in … Read more

What happens to prices (and how to save)?

Run, sprint, accelerate, wheelie. The terms for setting direction in fuel prices are now exhausted, but the fundamental problem remains: Petrol and diesel (now both) have breached the €2 per liter quota, with the specter of new increases hovering over the pockets of Italians. According to the updated data provided today by the Transitional Ministry … Read more

Gasoline over 2 euros at all distributors. Gas costs us twice that

Chronicle / City of Como Monday 20 June 2022 Increases The consumption fee reduction has already been canceled – it expires on July 8, after which the price may rise to €2.5 There is no DIY green city gas station for less than 2 euros per liter. Some of the self-service pumps exceed the threshold … Read more