These are the areas where the virus is most prevalent

In addition to the increasingly scorching temperatures, cases of COVID-19. In recent days, more than 50 thousand infections per day have risen. The infection rate per 100,000 population has nearly doubled nationally, going from 310 to 504. Breaking down region by region, there are regions more affected than others by the new summer wave of … Read more

More infection and lungs affected

less Variables Omicron Ba.4 and Ba.5 became dominant thanks to their very high rate of infection and the remarkable ability to circumvent both innate immunity and immunity. This also explains the large number of re-infections. At the same time, compared to the original Omicron which usually did not reach lungs5 has properties that cause more … Read more

In case of increased admission to internal masks. Restrictions may return

without masks And with the sub-variable, Omicron 5 Very contagious, new positive cases have doubled in two weeks. The infection rate – the number of infections per 100,000 people – has fallen from 222 to 504, a number that has been greatly underestimated because fewer tests are being done than in the past. Not only … Read more

“The patient can infect 17 other people.”

Omicron 5 and the alternative subordinate Corona virus disease More contagious: it is able to bypass immune defenses caused by disease as well as by vaccines. Translator: Those who have already contracted the Covid virus can become infected again and those who received three doses of the vaccine remain vulnerable to infection caused by this … Read more

Diagnosis on a mummy and the discovery of infection after 5 centuries – Biotech

Nearly five centuries later, a bacterial infection caused by Escherichia coli was diagnosed in the mummy of an Italian nobleman: Giovanni Davalos, who died in 1586 at the age of 48, his remains were recovered in 1983 from the Church of St. Domenico Maggiore in Naples. The researchers, led by the Canadian University McMaster, and … Read more

Smallpox from monkeys, the number of people infected in the province of Padua rises to three, all linked to the young doctor

Padua – three cases From monkeypox in the Padua region. The injured are three young males who do not belong to the same family unit, who were tracked through an activity Detective About the young doctor’s contacts. The three injured are taken to hospital in a ward Infectious diseases Padua but will already be laid … Read more

Confindustria, Still Complicated Scenario in Q2 – Economy

Amid “conflicting signals” for the economy, “the increases and shortages that have hit the industry, fewer infections are helping services. Meanwhile, rates are going up.” With “busier”. Analysis of the Confindustria Study Center “Quick Conditions” shows that “in the second quarter of 2022, the scenario for Italy remained complicated (after -0.2% of GDP in the … Read more

Omicron, new variants will hit “several times a year”: warning experts

New variants of Omicron pierce vaccines are more and more accessible. If anti-Covid drugs have been unusually resistant to all of the new virus strains (Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta for more than a year), the trend has now diverged. Since the beginning of 2022, the initial version of Omicron, known as BA.1, has spawned … Read more

Inter and Barilla reassure the fans after Udinese: “I’m fine”

Nothing dangerous for a midfielder who went out prematurely for a kick to the right knee Inter breathe a sigh of relief for the circumstances of Nicolo Barillalimping in the final against Udinese for one A blow to the right knee. Following Simone Inzaghi’s post-match conference reassurances (“It looks like it’s just a big bruise, … Read more